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   Chapter 291 Who Is Going To Marry You

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Now that Rose had said so, Tina would not hide any more. She closed her eyes and said simply, "Well, Rose. I'm with Xavier now."

"Tina, I am the last one to know this. Am I your best friend?" Rose complained.

"Rose, Tina is too shy. Besides, we are not ready to announce it yet." Xavier scratched his head to save Tina.

Rose looked at them expressionlessly with her arms crossed over her chest. Her temperament was exactly the same as that of Burke sitting next to her.

Did people who had been together for a long time really affect each other?

"It happened so suddenly that I didn't plan to tell you the whole story. Don't be mad at me, okay?" Tina held Rose's hand on the table and carefully flattered her.

Rose had always regarded Tina as her best friend and worried about her relationship with Xavier. So Tina believed it was indeed her fault that she didn't tell Rose about it.

However, Rose couldn't hold her temper any longer and burst into laughter. She touched Tina's forehead and said, "Silly girl, why should I be angry with you? I'm so happy for you and Xavier."

Since Xavier could be with Tina, the two people who had been hurt must have the best results.

These two people were the people she regarded as her family. She was happy for them to be together.

"Are you really not angry with me?" Tina asked with uncertainty.

"As long as you honestly answer my questions like "When did you two start", I won't be angry." Rose folded her arms across her chest and said leisurely.

Tina had no choice but to tell the whole story of her relationship with Xavier.

Rose listened with keen interest and asked about some details from time to time.

However, Xavier and Tina, the two people who used to be so casual, blushed with embarrassment.

"Rose, stop asking." Xavier blushed and kept changing channels with the remote control.

Rose was glad to stop asking. If she continued, the two would probably run away. She only said, "You have to cherish Tina, or I won't agree."

he hospital to process the formalities..." Such a news was suddenly broadcast on the TV channel.

Hearing the voice, Rose was stunned. She turned around and carefully looked at the familiar figure on the TV screen.

Austin, dressed in black, entered the hospital under the protection of his assistants and security guards.

He wore a mask and looked haggard.

Then the screen was switched back to the studio, and the news anchor began to broadcast the next news.

This was how the world was like. Every minute, someone was dead, and someone was coming.

For the whole world, the death of a person was as ordinary as a ripple on the surface of the water, neither painful nor itchy.

But for that person's family and friends, it was a great pain.

In the municipal hospital.

Austin watched Jesse being sent to the morgue.

He bowed to the corpse in silence.

Jesse's mother cried hysterically, grabbing a trolley to prevent the medical staff from sending the corpse into the cold and wet room.

Jesse's father hugged his wife from behind so that she could walk smoothly.

They had kept her for more than three years, exhausted all kinds of financial resources and material resources, and took good care of her every day. However, she had not woken up in the past three years, and finally could not stay in this world.

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