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   Chapter 289 Bath Together

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Due to her poor health condition, Tina was not suitable to live in such a bad weather for a long time. In fact, in the past three years, she had been visiting a doctor. The doctor said that her body was not completely infertile. As long as she took good care of herself and received treatment, there was still hope of pregnancy.

Tina was eager to be a mother.

During this period of time, she came back to have a rest, so that she could go to see the doctor and receive treatment.

She couldn't miss any chance to be a mother, not to mention that she had already been accompanied by someone.

Tina turned around and looked at Xavier with a faint smile.

Xavier thought Tina was so beautiful this way.

He finally believed the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

So many years had passed, but he still felt that Tina was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"That's great. You can talk to me and go shopping with me occasionally here." Rose held out her hand and smiled happily.

The four of them talked and laughed, and time flew.

Taking a look at her watch, Tina felt it was late, so she wanted to leave. "Rose, I'm leaving now. You should go to bed at this time."

She took a look at Rose's belly. Pregnant women should need to rest most at this time.

"Won't you stay? It's too late to go back." Rose persuaded Tina to stay.

As Burke was coming, the farmhouse villa was closed today. With so many empty rooms, there must be a place for Tina and Xavier to sleep.

"Yes, it's too late. I drank some wine just now, and you also drank some. You can't drive back now. Besides, it's also too late to call a designated driver." Xavier echoed promptly.

Tina hesitated for a moment and nodded.

She didn't think about driving when she drank, and now she felt a little regretful.

Xavier pressed his lips and looked at Burke with a smile.

Burke put down his knife and fork, took out a tissue and wiped his mouth gracefully. He looked into Xavier's eyes and nodded.

It meant that everything was ready.

Xavier was overjoyed.

Neither Tina nor R

ashed up. He was sitting at the head of the bed, leaning against the pillow and reading a financial magazine casually.

"Mr. Gu, why do you work so hard?" Rose said jokingly. Then she wiped her hair and took out the hair dryer. She sat on the edge of the bed, plugged in the electricity and was about to dry her hair.

But the hair dryer was snatched away by Burke behind her.

"Let me blow it for you." As he spoke, he turned on the hair dryer and began to dry her hair gently.

Since the two of them were back together, Burke liked to do these things for Rose more and more.

It was a small but warm thing.

With her head down, Rose looked very obedient, allowing Burke's slender fingers to travel through her hair.

At this time, Rose was able to carefully look at the ring. Just now, when she took off the ring when taking a shower, she accidentally saw the words carved in the inner circle of the ring.

It was the abbreviation of her and Burke' names.

But Rose was a little confused. This ring was actually similar to her previous one.

It was just that the diamond was larger.

A few days ago, she suddenly couldn't find her old ring, but Burke comforted her to buy another one.

But now she was a little confused. Was this the one she had before?

Rose waved the ring at the bedside lamp again. The weight was much more, but the ring really looked like her old one.

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