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   Chapter 288 Love Fulfilled

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"From now on, I won't let you suffer any grievance. I will take good care of you and the baby. Trust me."

After saying that, Burke looked up at Rose.

Her eyes and nose were red, and her eyes were shining with tears.

Burke's heart was moved by the scene.

"Rose, lower your head." Ordered Burke.

"For what?" Rose asked.

"Let me kiss you." Said Burke.

"Oh." With a red face and a dull look, Rose obediently bent over and got close to him. The next second, she was pulled into his arms.

His lips were rolling on hers, and the tip of his tongue lightly pried open her mouth, making waves inside.

The kiss was so fierce that Rose lost all her strength and collapsed on him.

Her eyes were blurred and she only felt intoxicated.

Bang! Bang! Bang

All of a sudden, the sound of fireworks and laughters brought Rose to her senses. She put her hands on his chest to keep a distance from Burke, gasping for breath and looking at the source of the voice.

Xavier and Tina walked out of the hall with the colored paper fireworks in their hands.

With her eyes wide open, Rose was surprised to find that Tina had come back?

"Tina, Xavier..." Rose stood straight and her face was a little hot.

On the contrary, Burke was quite cheeky. He looked at Rose's red face with interest.

She was already pregnant with his child, but she was still so shy.

"Rose, you should refuse Burke for a while, or it will be too boring." Xavier said happily.

Then Xavier gave a sound of pain for his thigh was pinched hard by Burke.

Xavier felt wronged.

"Rose, Burke bullied me." Xavier covered his thigh and muttered.

"Come on, you are a man. How could you do the tattle telling like a child?" Tina curled her lips and said to Xavier.

Xavier immediately became depressed.

Rose burst into laughter.

"Tina, why didn't you tell me that you were back? Didn't you say that you would be back in a few days? I've already prepared to pick you up at the airport. As you said, there will be a row of luxury cars or something like that." Rose complained t


Everyone clinked their glasses.

Rose was drinking fresh juice. Now, Burke was very careful with her and didn't allow her to drink alcohol at all.

He took better care of her at the table.

He asked her which dish she liked and picked up food for her.

Although these were Rose's favorite dishes, not every dish attracted Rose's appetite because of sickness resulted from pregnancy.

Fortunately, the baby didn't make things difficult for her mother tonight.

"Rose, have you made up your mind to give the baby a name?" After drinking for three rounds, Tina asked.

"You don't know the baby's gender yet. How to name it?" Xavier murmured beside Tina. And when Tina gave a glance at him, Xavier shut up and concentrated on eating the steak in the plate.

Rose vaguely felt that there seemed to be something unusual between Tina and Xavier?

"I haven't decided how to name it yet. Let's talk about it after the baby is born." Rose replied.

"By the way, Tina, you won't leave this time, will you?" Rose asked. Tina had been teaching in the Northwest for a long time. Her fair skin had turned into healthy wheat color, which made her look energetic. But Rose was not willing to let Tina go to such a hard place.

"No, I won't. There are new teachers there. They don't need me anymore. But I have promised them that I will visit them occasionally." Said Tina.

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