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   Chapter 286 Getting Worse

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"Rose, I can go by myself." Burke lowered his head and glanced at Rose's belly.

The baby would be bigger and bigger in a few days.

Although Gu Family took good care of her, she had been suffering from morning sickness recently.

Every time he saw her puking, he always felt painful in his heart.

After giving birth to this baby, he wouldn't have another. He didn't want her to suffer so much.

He loved her so much that he didn't want her to go to the United States with him for treatment.

She might not be able to bear the environment and climate there. He didn't want her to suffer with him.

However, Rose shook her head and firmly held out her hand. She clasped Burke's hand and interlocked her ten fingers

"Burke. I have told you that no matter what will happen in the future, I will be with you."

Grandma's condition was getting worse.

She suddenly fell to the ground when she was taking a walk in the morning.

Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time and survived at last.

Grandma had been concealing her illness. It was not until this time that Burke and Rose knew that the old lady was so seriously ill.

Her illness was a terminal cancer and she was old, so the doctor only suggested conservative treatment.

But grandma was unwilling to stay in the hospital.

She also knew that there was no much hope for her to continue to stay in the hospital.

And she hoped to leave without pain rather than torturing herself with medicine and surgery to death devoid of dignity.

The doctor also suggested that to change an environment might be more conducive to the extension of her remaining life.

Therefore, at the insistence of grandma, they had to send her back to the Gu mansion.

Burke arranged private doctors to take turns to look after his grandma every day.

"It's not my style to die in that grey place. I have lived for so many years, and I have experienced ev

" Burke greeted the old lady.

She saw him and said, "Burke, come and comfort your wife. She suddenly cried."

In fact, how could the old lady not know the reason why Rose cried?

She didn't want her to leave.

But people had to leave in the end, and no one could make the decision.

"What's wrong?" Burke came to Rose and held her trembling body. She was still sobbing.

Rose shook her head.

Seeing that Rose and Burke were together, the old lady smiled with satisfaction.

She reached out her hand and put Burke's and Rose's hands together, saying, "Burke, you have to treat Rosy well, okay? You have to protect her for everything without my help in the future. She is your wife. Remember, you should not only be responsible for her, but also love her."

"I know, grandma. I will be good to her." Burke nodded and said seriously.

Grandma turned to look at Rose with relief.

"Don't cry, my child. We have to leave in the end. Rosy, I'm still waiting to see my husband in the heaven again. I haven't seen him for years. I don't know if he has lost weight or not. How is he doing there?" Said grandma with a kind smile on her face.

Since she married into Gu Family when she was young, she had been busy with everything and didn't have a rest in her old age.

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