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   Chapter 285 Everything Is Settled

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"Jim, I'm leaving now. It's getting late." Rose raised her wrist to look at her watch. There was a distance between the cemetery in the city and she had to hurry there before dark.

"Okay." Jim watched the slender figure leave with an undisguised disappointment.

She walked quickly to the black car not far away and then drove away.

Jim stood there for a long time.

He knew that he had finally lost her.

He felt empty in his heart. The cold wind blew in and hurt him.

They had no chance to be together in this life.

Now he could only bless her as a bystander.

Wish her all the best.

As soon as Rose got in the car, Burke sat on the passenger seat with a cold face. He was still staring at the man in the plum garden not far away.

"Burke." Rose called him.

Burke turned his head and took a look at Rose. He reached out his hand and wiped off the leaf that had just floated down from her black hair. He took it off with his slender fingers and put it aside casually.

"Let's go." He said calmly, and the coldness in his eyes gradually disappeared.

Rose nodded, fastened her seat belt and drove away.

Both she and Burke didn't like to be disturbed by others in their private space. Therefore, as long as Rose was still energetic, she would be the one to drive, instead of asking the drivers to do so. The two of them had a good time.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Burke looked into the distance. There was no expression on his handsome face, but there seemed to be tiredness in his eyes.

"Burke." Rose stopped the car at the red light and turned to look at him. "Are you tired?"

She was very concerned about his health.

As long as there was any subtle difference, she would be very nervous.

Burke shook his head and said after a long time, "Eighteen minutes and fifty-six seconds."

"What?" Rose thought she heard it wrong and didn't understand what he meant.


a lot in front of her parents' tomb.

It was not until it was getting dark that Rose and Burke left the cemetery together.

In the car, the two were unusually silent.

Rose was still immersed in sadness, while Burke was thinking.

When Rose fastened her seat belt, Burke suddenly said to her, "Rose, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau next Monday."

Rose turned to look at him. He looked very serious, as if he was plotting something.

Rose nodded.

In fact, she didn't care whether they got the marriage certificate or not.

She and Burke had made up their minds. It didn't matter whether they had the marriage certificate or not.

Burke and Mandy hadn't got their marriage license before the accident.

Therefore, it was easy for Rose and Burke to remarry.

"We should at least have a legitimate identity after the baby is born." Said Burke.

"Okay." Rose didn't think about the baby thing.

"Burke, I've already asked Mike to make an appointment. The date is set next week. We'll go to the United States for treatment." It suddenly occurred to Rose. Mike was a very appropriate person. He had bought a house in the United States according to Rose's plan and arranged all the procedures.

All they needed to do was to go there to see the doctor.

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