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   Chapter 284 Farewell

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6371

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Jim had to admit that he had fallen into Rose's gentle whirlpool when he first met her.

But he had no choice.

He had no choice but to love her.

Because he loved her, he didn't care about her special identity.

Because he loved her, even if he knew that she approached him with an ulterior motive, he would pretend that he didn't know at all.

Sometimes, he even felt lucky that his father was Sun, because if his father was not, she would never give him a chance to get along with her.

He should be grateful.

Rose stood still in a daze and moved her lips, but she didn't know what to say.

She would never accept Jim's love.

Not only because his father had done such a cruel thing to Lin Family, but also because he couldn't live in her heart which was occupied by Burke.

"Jim, you are a good man. You will meet someone better in the future." Rose sighed in her heart.

"Did I get a good person card?" Jim shook his head and felt depressed.

With his wealth, he could get any kind of woman he wanted. They always scrambled to get close to him.

But Rose was different. She was probably the first person to deny his love.

Rose turned her head and said nothing.

She couldn't respond.

It was the best result to end these thoughts.

Jim looked at Rose in silence. Although she was a little plumper, her limbs were still thin.

She was wearing a pair of flat shoes, and the loose dress still couldn't cover her slightly swollen belly.

Jim was stunned and had a guess in his heart.

But he still couldn't believe it, or to put it more precisely, he was unwilling to believe it.

"Rose, you... are Pregnant?" Jim swallowed hard and asked.

Rose nodded silently.

Jim stared at Rose's belly and asked, "Is this the baby of Burke?"

As soon as he asked that, even he himself felt ridiculous.

Who else the baby's father could be aside from Burke.

He was re

"But you didn't hand over the recording as evidence, did you?" Jim stared at Rose and said.

The evidence of Sun's murder of his mother was collected by Burke from some insiders of that year.

But there wasn't the record that Rose took from Jim.

It meant that she didn't hand over the recording.

Rose looked at Jim for a while and said in a low voice, "I just don't want to submit your sad memories as evidence."

She had her way of doing things and did not want to do anything against her principles.

Sorrow could be seen in Jim's eyes. "Rose, it's because you are so kind that I don't want to leave you."

She was so beautiful that he didn't want to let her go at all.

But now, it was not up to him to let her go.

Jim raised his head and looked at a black luxury car parking not far away. He knew that it was the car of Burke.

"Rose, where are you going?"

"Go to my parents' graveyard and tell them the result of today's trial." Rose replied.

Jim closed his eyes and nodded, "Say sorry to your parents for me. And I also want to say sorry to you."

He apologized for Sun.

Zhao Family wronged Lin Family.

Rose kept silent. She wouldn't accept this "sorry".

Because this "sorry" should not be said by Jim, but by the initiator.

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