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   Chapter 281 Attractive

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However, Xavier didn't express himself explicitly and Tina didn't take the initiative, which made Rose, an outsider, anxious to death.

"Don't worry about it anymore. Just take care of yourself and the baby, okay?" Touching Rose's back gently, Burke comforted her, "I'll have a talk with him sometime. If he really loves Tina, this obstacle is nothing to him."

What's more, Yang Family has been anxious because Xavier hasn't got married yet.

Xavier's mother even said that if he didn't get married within five years, she would cut off the mother-son relationship with him.

But these are only angry words.

Xavier was the only child of Yang Family. His mother must be reluctant to cut off the relationship with him.

Xavier's mother even asked Burke whether Xavier didn't get married because he was different from others in sexual preference. This made Burke at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

Rose nodded and put her arms around Burke's waist, burying her head in his chest. Listening to his powerful heartbeat, she closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep. While she was in a daze, she suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but raise her head and say to him, "Well, Burke. Haven't you had a leg massage today?"

Burke's leg was getting worse and worse. According to the doctor's instructions, he had to have a leg massage every day.

The professional leg massager hired by Gu Family was a young girl, but fortunately, she was very professional.

But it seemed that Burke didn't like leg massage very much.

In other words, he was mentally resistant to all the leg rehabilitation training.

In fact, he had been avoiding the fact that his legs were getting worse.

He always felt that if he didn't do these treatment, he could deceive himself and refuse to accept the reality.


longer he waited, the greater the risk of amputation he would face.

"Well, it's up to you." Burke reached out his hand, touched Rose's hair and buried his head in her neck.

For him, he planned to have a try, even if there was no result.

There was a unique fragrance from Rose, which made him feel at ease.

In the faint fragrance, he heard her say, "Well, but I don't think the doctor who massages the legs looks good. I think we should change another person. What do you think?"

The doctor who gave Burke a leg massage looked too young. Every time he came to Gu Family to give a massage for him, he always dressed up gorgeously.

As a woman, Rose could easily read a woman's mind.

Of course she could see the little girl's intention for Burke.

When she was massaging his legs, Rose always stayed by his side. She was afraid that the man would take advantage of her carelessness to take advantage of Burke.

Moreover, the hand of a strange woman who had an intention on her husband pressed her husband's leg back and forth, which always made Rose feel uncomfortable.

"Why are you so attractive?" Rose stretched out her hand to touch the cold, hard and handsome face of Burke and sighed.

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