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   Chapter 280 I Won't Be Brave For The Second Time

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The kiss was very gentle. Burke's wet tongue went into her mouth and seduced her.

Rose slowly closed her eyes and immersed herself in this long and intoxicating kiss.

The kiss, with a sweet and sour taste of plum, made her body soft.

She couldn't help moaning.


As soon as the voice came out, Rose was so shy that she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself.

After the kiss, Burke put his forehead against Rose's and laughed happily.

"What are you laughing at?" Now it was Rose's turn to ask him.

"I'm laughing at you. You're so beautiful." Rose's charming face was reflected in Burke's eyes. It was so beautiful, to the degree that he wanted to swallow her.

Burke reached out his hand and stroked Rose's pink face. He stared at her belly for a while and sighed, "Why hasn't this little guy come out yet?"

The doctor had specifically told him that the first few months of pregnancy was the most unstable period, and she couldn't have sex.

Rose understood what Burke meant and blushed instantly. She pushed him away, sat straight and continued to eat the sour plum.

As soon as she took a bite and before she could swallow it, Burke stretched out his long arm, held her slender waist and kissed her again.

This time, he didn't let go of her until her lips were red and swollen.

"What are you doing, Burke?" Rose asked, panting slightly.

Her hair was in a mess and her eyes were blurred. She looked damn attractive.

However, Burke could only restrain himself and helplessly looked at Rose's still flat belly.

A few months later, the little boy would gradually grow up and stretch his mother's belly.

'It'll be fine in a few months, ' Burke thought.

"The sour plum bought by nanny Wang looks delicious. I want to have a taste." Burke tried his best to restrain the desire in his eyes, turned around elegantly and said calmly and naturally.

Rose looked at the sour plum on the fruit plate with a hot face and muttered, "But there is s

they?" Rose asked.

Xavier and Tina were congenial. It would be great if there was a good result between them.

"But you should also know that there are many obstacles between them." Burke calmly analyzed.

Yang Family had a distinguished family background, which was in stark contrast to the ordinary background of Tina.

What's more, Tina had a marriage, and because of that marriage, she lost a child, and from then on, she could no longer have children.

Most of the time, marriage was not only about two people, but also about two families.

"Can they only miss it? In order to be with Yang, Tina had severed the relationship with her family. " At the thought of this, Rose couldn't help but feel sad for Tina.

She used to be a woman who dared to love and hate, but now she had to suffer such emotional injuries.

"So she won't be brave for the second time after what she has experienced." Burke pointed out the problem between Xavier and Tina, "They won't have a result unless Xavier takes the initiative. And for the sake of Tina, he has to go through some obstacles, which depends on his own will. Xavier was also hurt in love. He is a cautious man and won't make a decision easily, but once he makes a decision, it will be difficult to change."

Rose didn't say anything. She knew what Burke said.

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