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   Chapter 278 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 5919

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Burke's grandma once told her to let bygones be bygones.

The entanglement of the last generation was ultimately the matter of the previous generation.

"My mother didn't do anything to hurt you." Rose said slowly.

"Rose, your mother didn't do anything wrong to me, but I still don't like you." Sue turned her head to Rose and said.

Some people were born with discord.

Sue looked at the face in front of her, which was similar to Lillian's. She was absent-minded for a while and continued, "But I won't interfere with your relationship with Burke anymore."

She had seen through it. Maybe she really had to listen to grandma's words and gradually put down something.

In the past few decades, she had been indulged in hatred and drawing a circle to serve as a prison.

Moreover, she could see that without Rose, Burke was like a walking dead. She couldn't bear to see her son like this.

Rose was surprised at the change of his attitude. She looked at her in a daze.

Sue took a deep breath. Born in a wealthy family, she had done a lot of things against her mind. But in order to get what she wanted in her life, she had to do them.

She never thought that process was important. She just wanted the result because of interests.

However, she tried so hard to grasp what she wanted, but in the end, there was only fame and profit left, without any human warmth.

She lived a life that everyone seemed to admire, but only she knew that she was not living a good life.

The joys and distresses in life could only be felt by people who led such a life.

"Rose, don't think that I won't interfere with you and Burke just because I started to like you. I won't like you." After a pause, Sue continued, "I just didn't expect that you would defend f

happy, so Tina did not refuse Xavier to visit her.

At the beginning, she felt it was inappropriate, but as time went by, she got used to it.

As for Xavier, Tina had to admit that some of her feelings had slowly sprouted in the bottom of her heart. In the past few years, his insistence and silent protection would melt even a piece of ice.

However, in the beginning, Xavier didn't tear the layer of paper between the two people. They all knew that there were still many obstacles between each other.

"By the way," Tina changed the topic secretly, "if it weren't for Xavier who told me that you were injured, how long would you hide it from me? Don't you take me as your friend?"

"Tina, I just don't want you to worry about me." Rose said lightly.

It had been more than a month since that thing happened, and she had gradually recovered.

Now, Gu Family treated her very well from top to the bottom.

Grandma also said that if anyone in Gu Family offended Rose, it would make she herself unhappy.

How could Rose not know how much grandma loved her.

But the old lady's health condition was getting worse and worse. Rose couldn't help worrying about her.

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