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   Chapter 277 Hatred In The Past

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6683

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With a long sigh, Burke bent over and hugged Rose tightly.

He thought, even if it was selfish, he would not let her go again.

He couldn't resist anymore.

"Rose, you don't have a chance." He said in a low voice.

He had given her a chance to leave, but now he wouldn't give her any more chance.

He would never let her leave him again.

'If I am selfish at this moment, just continue be selfish to the end.'

Rose smiled and said without hesitation, "Okay."

Rose didn't expect that Sue would come to the hospital to see her.

It was in the afternoon. When Burke went back to change his clothes and dealt with the company's affairs, only nanny Wang was with Rose.

It seemed that Sue came at the exact time

when Burke had left.

Rose was in a high-end single room VIP ward. When Sue arrived, the news was on TV.

There was news about Zhao Family.

The anchorwoman calmly reported the progress of the police regarding the case of Sun.

Sun also engaged in huge smuggling business in private, and the biggest one was smuggling drugs.

Mandy was also involved in drug smuggling.

On the TV screen, Sun and Mandy were taken to the police car in prison uniforms.

Rose watched TV quietly.

Xavier told her that her father's case was about to be reverse. According to the crimes Sun and Mandy committed, they were likely to be sentenced to death in the end.

She finally avenged her father and mother.

The injustice his father and Lin Family had suffered could finally be cleared up.

"Mrs. Sue..." Nanny Wang turned around and found Sue standing at the door.

His eyes were also fixed on the TV. She turned around and looked into Rose's eyes.

Rose's eyes were with vigilance and caution.

Sue had always been unfriendly to Rose, and Sue had expected Rose to be like this.

Sue lifted the corner of her mouth and sneered, "What's wrong? Are you afraid that I will eat you?"

Rose lowered her eyes and said calmly, "You think too much."

She didn't wa

many friends who could get along with her.

But Lillian could tolerate many of her shortcomings.

Unfortunately, their friendship stopped at the moment when Sue fell in love with Kevin.

He couldn't forget Lillian.

The reason why he married Sue was that she had sex with him after she set him up. She was pregnant with Justin.

Kevin was a responsible man, so he could only marry Sue.

Sue hated Lillian, because she often thought that Lillian had killed Kevin.

She suspected that Lillian had an tryst with Kevin, and that was why he had a car accident and died.

But she didn't know the truth until today. Although the last call in his phone was from Lillian, she didn't ask him out for a private meeting. Instead, she reported Sun's crime to him, who was the chief prosecutor at that time.

Lillian's phone was monitored by Sun who designed the car accident.

"Rose, I used to be a good friend of your mother, but I also hated her very much." Sue was telling the truth.

She was jealous of Lillian, of her gentleness and generosity, and her love from Kevin.

She hated Lillian and Rose because she used to think that the death of Kevin was caused by Lillian's seduction.

But when she knew the truth that there was nothing between Lillian and Kevin, she didn't know if she should continue to hate them.

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