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   Chapter 276 I Couldn't Live Without You

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6491

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Burke palm was big and warm, wrapped with thick gauze, which covered the wound left when he held the blade of Mandy.

"Rose, do you know how much I had lived in the past three years when you were away? It's my fault that I didn't cherish you well before. I haven't seen my heart clearly. But on the day you left three years ago, I drove to the airport to chase you. When I was hit by a truck, I suddenly understood my feelings." With a wry smile, Burke continued, "Isn't it ridiculous? I also think myself ridiculous."

Burke boasted himself of being smart and invincible in business, but he was a loser in terms of his relationships.

Only when he lost Rose could he see his heart clearly.

"I didn't know you were my Amy until you left. It turns out that you have loved me for so long, but I was such a bastard before. I hurt you so much, and I missed so much. I don't deserve your love at all." Burke said in a low voice. He was immersed in his own emotional world. "Rose, my mother often thinks that you have hurt me. If you hadn't left that year, I wouldn't have chased you and had a car accident. But Rose, I don't regret chasing you at the airport at all. What I regret is that I didn't get you back."

What he regretted was that they had missed so much and he hadn't gotten her back.

What he didn't regret was that the moment he chased her and had a car accident, he instantly understood his heart.

The heart that already had her existence.

Burying his head in pain, Burke closed his eyes, but didn't notice the crystal tears falling from the corner of Rose's eyes.

Lying on the bed and listening to his words, Rose felt much better.

She wanted to open her eyes and tell him that falling in love with him was the best thing she had ever done, and she didn't regret it at all. She wanted to raise her hand to touch his strong outline and tell him that no matter what difficulties she encountered, she would always b

ing herself with work.

In the dead of night, she would often shed tears because of missing him.

She didn't want to live such a life anymore.

She wanted to be with him, even if there was a bottomless abyss ahead. She was willing to.

She would love to do it.

"Rose..." Clenching his fists, Burke said word by word, "It's unfair to you."

He didn't want to encumber her.

"So what is fair to me?" Rose sobbed, "Burke, I'm pregnant. Is it fair for me to lose the man I love most and my child has no father? "

Hearing Rose's words, Burke was stunned.

That night, he eventually failed to restrain himself.

He didn't intend to fetter her with a child.

"Rose, you should have a better choice." Said Burke.

"Burke, my best choice is to stay with you. I won't miss any time with you. We have missed more than three years. We can't miss it again." Enduring the pain on her body, Rose got out of bed and slowly walked to Burke step by step.

She made him face her. Then she slowly squatted down.

Her face was still pale and there were vestiges of tears.

Burke looked at Rose blankly.

Rose held his hand and put it on her belly. She said softly, "Burke, don't leave me and our child, okay?"

The ice wall built in Burke's heart finally melted in her soft eyes.

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