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   Chapter 275 I Won't Let Anything Happen To You

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Xavier was at the gate to assist the police in arresting the subordinates of Zhao Family. No one at the wedding was on guard against Mandy.

No one had thought that she would be so terrible when she went crazy.

Sitting on the wheelchair, Burke couldn't dodge. When he was about to be stabbed by Mandy, a figure rushed over quickly and stood in front of him before he could react.

"Rose!" With his eyes wide open, he looked at the woman in front of him. He wanted to push her away, but only heard a very subtle voice.

It was the sound of the blade cutting into the flesh.

It was too late.

Rose's knife was just stabbed into Rose's chest.

Mandy pulled out the knife and wanted to stab the second time. Her face was splashed with red blood and she laughed maliciously.

She didn't expect that Rose would be here, nor did she expect that this woman would sacrifice herself for Burke.

How wonderful it was! She just killed her!

Anyway, she was fearless.

When Mandy was about to make the second stab, the blade was firmly grasped by Burke.

He held the blade with one hand, and blood flowed down from his palm.

He looked at her coldly, with a bloodthirsty light in his eyes.

"Ah!" Mandy tried hard to pull out the blade.

Holding the knife tightly in his hand, Burke covered the wound on Rose's chest with one hand to prevent blood from spurting out, and with the other hand, he didn't allow the knife, which was so close to him, to hurt the woman in his arms again.

When they were in a stalemate, Xavier rushed over and grabbed Mandy's wrist, the knife falling to the ground.

Mandy still wanted to struggle, but Xavier controlled her.

The police came quickly and handcuffed her.

"Burke! Rose!" Xavier walked close to Burke and Rose, and couldn't help but turn his head away.

Rose's clothes had been dyed red by blood. She lay in the arms of Burke, with her lips pale and her eyes slightly closed.

"Go and call an am

up depends on her own fate." The doctor calmly told her some dos and don'ts.

Rose put her hand on her belly. Her child was as strong as her.

She was almost ecstatic. The baby didn't leave her.

After the doctor left, Burke and Xavier walked out of the partition. Rose closed her eyes and pretended to be in a coma.

Xavier's eyes were slightly red, and there were bruises on the corners of his mouth and forehead.

After Rose's accident, Burke beat him up.

Xavier didn't fight back.

He felt a little guilty. If he hadn't promised Rose to take her to such a dangerous wedding, she might not have been injured.

"You can go back now. You still have a lot of work to do." Said Burke.

"Okay." Xavier nodded and said, "then I'll go to the Gu Mansion by the way. Grandma must be very anxious. I'll talk to her and accompany her."

The old lady was worried about Rose after the accident, but she couldn't come to the hospital because of her poor health.

Burke walked to Rose's bed and held her soft and smooth hands in silence.

Xavier lowered his head, gently left the ward and closed the door.

With her eyes closed, Rose could feel that Burke was looking at her.

"Rose, I'm sorry..." Burke didn't know that Rose had woken up. He still looked at her pale face and felt depressed.

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