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   Chapter 273 A Wedding That Doesn't Belong To Her

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 5925

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Rose looked up at Xavier for a long time, which made him very uncomfortable. Then she said, "Xavier, Burke is going to marry Mandy."

"Yes." Xavier turned around and answered in a low voice.

Now it was estimated that the whole circle had known about it.

The marriage between Gu Family and Zhao Family was undoubtedly a big news in their circle.

When the two powerful families joined hands, everyone was guessing how they would dominate the business world in the future.

Moreover, Xavier was the best friend of Burke. How could he not know that Burke was going to marry Mandy?

However, Xavier, who always supported Rose, didn't say anything against it this time.

Before Burke made the decision, he had told him everything, and he chose to help him hide the truth.

"Xavier, if a person you love suddenly leaves you and the reason is that she may not be able to stand up for the rest of her life, will you leave her?" Rose suddenly asked.

Xavier looked at Rose in disbelief.

She did know something.

"Rose, I..." Xavier held the bottle tighter and tighter, too nervous to speak.

Rose was calm. She still looked at Xavier gently, with tears in her eyes. She smiled and said, "Xavier, do you think you will leave her because the person you love is disabled and she can't stand up for the rest of her life?"

Xavier shook his head silently. He didn't know how much Rose had known.

"I'm going back to Ringle Land tomorrow. There's no place for me to stay, so I have to go back," Rose said slowly.

Xavier swallowed hard and answered, "It's good to go back to Ringle Land. Rose, Burke...He is not suitable for you."

"Really?" Rose asked in a low voice. When she looked up at Xavier, he dodged with a guilty conscience.

"I have always rega

x its vigilance until the day of the wedding of Burke and Mandy.

It was a good time to uproot Zhao Family.

"That's good." Burke nodded slightly, feeling very tired.

The lounge door was pushed open and Xavier came in. He was the best man today.

"Burke, I never thought that I would be your best man twice in my life." Xavier came in, picked up an orange on the table and tossed it.

"I just hope that you can control the situation later and don't make any trouble." Said Burke in a sarcastic tone.

"Don't worry. My men are waiting downstairs. The members of the special police force are also here. At that time, we will destroy Zhao Family." Xavier became serious.

His task today was not only the best man, but also to cooperate with the police to arrest people.

The person to catch was Sun Zhao.

They had submitted all the criminal records of Sun to the police.

Besides, he had made a detailed plan with the police to capture the old fox alive.

He had done so many bad things. It was time for him to pay back.

This line was well arranged and long. Today was the time to close it.

"I'll go out to see what's going on." Xavier stood up and said.

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