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   Chapter 271 The Hostess Changed

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Unfortunately, nanny Wang's hint was too late. Hearing the noise, Mandy turned around and saw Rose. She raised her eyebrows and raised her voice, "Oh, guess who comes here. It was Rose. Are you drunk and think this is still your home?"

Mandy was worrying that she wouldn't have the chance to see Rose and humiliate her.

Now that she was going to marry Burke, she would like to see if Rose the bitch, could still be domineering in front of her.

She had kept the old and recent grudges in mind.

Rose didn't want to talk to Mandy and wanted to turn around to leave. Seeing this, Mandy quickly walked over in high heels, grabbed Rose's arm and pulled her back.

"Stop! What are you going to do?" Mandy's sharp voice sounded so harsh.

She grabbed Rose with great strength, which made Rose lose her balance.

"Mrs. Rose!" Nanny Wang screamed anxiously and went back to her room to make a phone call.

Rose suddenly thought of the baby in her belly.

The memory of the miscarriage caused by Amanda came up again, which made Rose feel panic.

Rose grabbed Mandy's hand and glared at her, "Mandy, what are you doing? Let go of me!"

She would never allow any other woman to hurt her child again.

The child that only belongs to herself.

Mandy was stunned by Rose's stare. Subconsciously, she didn't have much strength in her hand, and then her hand was violently shook off by Rose.

"Rose, why are you still so imperious with me? What qualifications do you have? You are just a woman abandoned by Burke!" Mandy pointed at Rose and cursed.

"Mandy, you are so pitiful." Rose took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and said slowly.

Mandy sneered, as if she had heard a big joke. She walked back and forth and said, "Rose, are you out of your mind? Who was the most pitiful person now? I'm the daughter of the rich Zhao Family and now I'm going to be the wife of the president of Gu Group. But what about you? What do you have?"

Yes, she was Sun's daughter, rich and powerful, and now she was going to be Bur

ing at the door. They blocked her way and didn't allow her to leave.

"Of course you can leave now." With a snort, Mandy strode over, grabbed the stuff that nanny Wang carefully put in the bag and threw it in front of Rose.

With a bang, the things in the bag scattered around Rose's feet.

"Get out of here with your things!" Mandy looked at Rose's embarrassed look with a smile. She really wanted to take a photo and enjoy it in the future.

She was about to laugh in her dream.

She had loved him for so many years, and now he was finally going to marry her. Rose, whom she hated so much, was finally humiliated by her like this.

She really wanted to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Rose paused and tried to adjust her breath to keep herself from bursting out.

She had to reduce the conflict for the sake of the baby.

At least physically.

Rose slowly squatted down and picked up her things scattered on the ground bit by bit.

The dark black storage box was also there, and there was indeed her passport in it.

Nanny Wang couldn't bear to see Rose to be humiliated like this and squatted down to help her tidy up.

Seeing this, Mandy shouted, "Nanny Wang! What are you doing?! Don't help this bitch pick up things, okay? Otherwise, you won't get away with it!"

Hearing Mandy's rebuke, nanny Wang's hand trembled.

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