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   Chapter 270 An Abandoned Pregnant Woman

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The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in the hospital was overcrowded.

Many pregnant women with big belly sat on the waiting seats in the corridor, caressing their bellies happily. Beside them, there was always a husband who took good care of them.

Rose stood alone at the side of the corridor, waiting for the nurse to let her in for examination.

She stood here alone, which was very abrupt and strange, attracting many people's curious eyes.

"Rose." The nurse at the door of the examination room looked at the list and called Rose's name.

Rose pursed her lips and went in alone.

Mechanically, she cooperated with the doctor to finish the examination. She sat in her seat and waited for the result.

"Are you Rose Lin?" The doctor pushed his glasses and handed her a report. "Congratulations! You are pregnant."

Rose was stunned and couldn't say anything.

She was pregnant. A month after the child's father divorced her, she knew she was pregnant. There was one week before the child's father was about to marry another woman.

There was no joy, only sadness.

Rose walked out of the hospital numbly with the report in her hand.

She lowered her head and touched her belly, where a little life lived.

Without her expectation, the little life came to her side first.

She wasn't prepared for that.

Wandering on the street aimlessly, Rose slowly accepted and digested the fact.

The last child came to her unexpectedly, and she didn't protect her child well, so the child left her in an accident.

And this time, she would not let it suffer any grievance.

She wouldn't let the child be in any danger again.

Lowering her head, she swore to herself.

The huge LED screen on the street was playing financial news.

Rose raised her head and stared blankly at the harsh words "The marriage between Zhao and Gu".

In the news, Burke was still handsome. Even in a wheelchair, he still had a strong aura. Beside him, Mandy smiled happily and brightly.

Mandy's wish fi

r her and she could get her passport back.

But unfortunately, she met Mandy in the villa.

It was nanny Wang who opened the door for Rose. As soon as she entered, she froze in embarrassment.

It seemed that Mandy was here to design a new house. She took several subordinates and ordered them in a loud voice where to decorate.

"Change all these things, including the curtains. I don't want to use the one that the bitch has once used." With a coffee cup in one hand, Mandy command everyone in the house, looking arrogant as if she was the hostess.

"Mrs. Rose, why are you back?" nanny Wang asked Rose in a low voice. When nanny Wang opened the door and saw Rose's thin face, she couldn't help but feel a little distressed. She didn't know what was wrong with Mr. Gu to divorce Mrs. Rose.

Mrs. Rose used to be gentle and kind, and she treated the servants very well. But now, Mandy would beat and scold anyone who didn't obey her will.

She was ready to resign and go back to her hometown after Mr. Gu's wedding.

She knew well about Mandy.

Now Mr. Gu was not at home, and Mandy was here. Mrs. Rose must meet trouble if she came in.

Nanny Wang winked at Rose, signaled her to leave as soon as possible.

How could a gentle lady like Rose be a match for tigress?

That shrew didn't care about anything in the fight.

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