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   Chapter 269 Her Belly

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Rose was about to go back to Ringle Land a month later, less than a week before the wedding of Burke and Mandy.

The news that Gu Family and Zhao Family were going to get married was spread all over the city. When the entertainment section of TV or financial news was turned on, one could see how many diamond rings Burke had bought for Mandy.

This wedding would be very grand, even more magnificent than the one he had held before.

After packing up all her things, Rose stood in front of the TV screen and watched the news about him and Mandy.

——Why can't I marry Mandy? It was Sun who killed my father. Mandy knows nothing. Why can't I marry her? She is richer than you and has a cleaner relationship. Why can't I choose her to be my wife?

His cruel words echoed in Rose's ears.

Everything was so unreal.

Rose still didn't want to believe that Burke would like Mandy.

He should hate such an arrogant and domineering woman.

But he was going to marry her.

Rose had tried to find grandma, but she refused to see her, saying that she was ill.

It turned out what he said was true.

Grandma also knew that he was going to divorce her and marry Mandy.

What about her?

After all, she was just a passer-by in his life.

Rose took up the TV remote control and turned off the things she didn't want to see. She sat on the sofa in a daze for a while.

She couldn't stay at home anymore.

News about him and Mandy was everywhere in the country, so she had nowhere to hide.

Now the company was doing well and there was no risk of bankruptcy.

That was how he was. He could kill whoever he wanted.

With the help of Gu Group, Wyon Group was recovering.

And there was no need for her to


"I'm fine." Rose nodded reluctantly.

Austin wanted to touch her face, but after thinking about his awkward identity, he dropped his hand and asked, "Is Burke going to marry Mandy?"

He just got the news that Eric told him.

If Burke wanted to marry Mandy, then Rose and Burke would never be together again.

Somehow, Austin felt a little pleased.

But when he saw the disappointed look on Rose's face, he couldn't bear it.

"Yes." Rose replied in a low voice, raised her head with a forced smile and changed the topic, "Austin, I'm going back to Ringle Land the day after tomorrow. If you recover, you should also say hello to colleagues in Ringle Land. Zack is also worried about you."

"Okay." Austin replied with a smile.

After talking with Austin for a while, Rose stood up and said goodbye.

She had been very tired and sleepy recently.

Rose had a vague guess in her heart, but she was not too sure.

Seeing that Rose was really tired, Austin didn't want to persuade her to stay.

Rose went downstairs, but she didn't go back directly. Instead, she went straight to the gynecology and obstetrics department.

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