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   Chapter 268 The Purpose Of Pushing Her Away

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"Why can't I marry Mandy?" Looking up at Rose's shocked face, Burke sneered and said, "You can be with the son of Sun, Jim. Why can't I marry Mandy? It was Sun who killed my father. Mandy knew nothing. Why can't I marry her? She is richer than you and has a cleaner relationship. Why can't I choose her to be my wife?"

"Burke, I have nothing to do with Jim. I have never been in a relationship with him. I was with him just because..." Rose swallowed hard and continued, "Just because I wanted to get the criminal record of Sun from him."

"Well, Rose, you really like to exchange your beauty for something. But now I don't care about you and Jim, and what about you and Austin. Listen, the change of attitude of Gu Group towards Wyon Group was a break-up gift from me, and it's also a reward for your hard work last night." Burke pushed the divorce agreement in front of Rose and continued, "Now that you have signed this divorce agreement, I will also give you an extra considerable amount of alimony. If you don't sign it now, I have other ways to deal with it, but you won't get a penny by then."

He treated her like the most ordinary opponent at the negotiation table.

He didn't hesitate or show any mercy.

Rose didn't expect that Burke would be so ruthless to her. She took the divorce agreement with trembling hands, and tears fell on it.

"What about Sun? I have given the account book to uncle Patrick. Are you still going to do something to Sun?" Rose asked.

"Don't worry about that. I won't break my promise. I will avenge your father." Burke took out a pen from the pen container and handed it to Rose.

Looking at the man in front of her, Rose suddenly felt that he was far away from her.

She took the pen and looked at the divorce agreement


Both Xavier and grandma tried their best to oppose what Burke did, but in order to eradicate Zhao Family, they had no choice but to compromise.

"In fact, you can tell Rose the truth and ask her to cooperate with us temporarily, instead of acting like this..." After watching the screen just now, Patrick couldn't bear it. "What's the benefit of pushing her away like this?"

"Uncle Patrick, I just want to take this opportunity to make her completely give up on me." Looking at his legs, Burke smiled bitterly. "A person like me is not worth relying on for the rest of her life. She should have a better choice."

She would probably be mad at him and go back to Ringle Land.

Now that the problem of the company had been solved, she had no reason to stay at home.

At that time, he would block all the news about Gu Group.

Just like the past three years, let her spend the rest of her life abroad safely and experience a more wonderful life, and he was ready to live alone for the rest of his life.

He loved her so much that he didn't want to encumber her.

Thinking of this, Burke raised his hand to cover his eyes. Suddenly, warm liquid flowed down.

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