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   Chapter 217 Confession

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6706

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"I go back to visit my mother on the anniversary of her death." Suddenly, Jim said bitterly, "she was buried in a low tomb in the countryside where my grandmother lived. I always bring some food with me, chat with her, cut the grass for her, and clean up the tombstone. "

Jim didn't know why he said this to Rose, but he had kept these memories of the past in his heart for too long. He needed an outlet for all his emotions.

For so many years, he had never told anyone about his background.

He thought, maybe it was because of the effect of alcohol that he could desperately open the scar in the bottom of his heart.

Or maybe he wanted to tell her everything because she looked so much like the person in his memory.

"I went to see my mother today. I went to her tomb with my grandmother. My grandmother is over 90 years old with gray hair. She has cried for a long time in front of my mother's tomb. " With a bitter smile, he continued, "my grandmother is a strong lady. but no matter how strong she is, she can't bear the pain of losing her young daughter. She told me that I need to revenge for my mother. But Rose, I'm more than 30 years old now and I still can't make it. I hate myself. "

Jim poured the liquor and drank it up in one breath.

"Don't drink too much." Rose couldn't bear it and tried to grab the glass, but in vain.

"Let me finish it. You don't know how painful I am today!" Jim took another sip of liquor and looked at her with a gentle smile, but his eyes seemed to be filled with tears.

He was much stronger than her.

But Rose felt that Jim was as fragile as a child.

She knew the pain of losing one's family better than he did.

But it was his father who killed her parents. How ridiculous it was.

She even felt sorry for him here.

Rose lowered her hand and clenched her fists, trying to control her emotions.

"My mother passed away when I was still at school. She was killed in a car accident for no reason." Jim said with his eyes covered wit

't go, don't leave me..." Jim held her wrist.

Rose's body suddenly stiffened. She was not used to other men's touch.

Rose took a deep breath, turned around and comforted Jim, "Okay, I won't leave. I will stay here."

Jim smiled with satisfaction. He let go of Rose's hand and fell asleep again.

Rose took off his slippers and put a pillow behind his head.

Rose turned around and closed the door. After standing for a while, she went to Jim's room, fetched a blanket and was about to cover him.

When she left the room, Rose suddenly noticed a photo hanging on the wall.

It was the same as the photo she saw in the back seat of Jim's car last time.

The group photo of the three of them was cut off from Sun.

Rose stared at the photo in a daze.

It seemed that her guess was correct.

Then the recording she had could be the evidence of Sun's crime.

In the photo, the woman next to Jim was probably his mother.

Rose was in a daze and felt that the woman looked like her mother.

And Rose looked exactly like her mother, Lillian Liu.

Just now, Jim mistook her for... Was it because of this reason?

Rose lowered her eyes, calmed herself down and went out. She unfolded the blanket and covered it on Jim's curly body.

Rose squatted beside Jim and looked at him for a while. Was he drunk or sober?

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