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   Chapter 216 Let Me Tell You A Secret

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"The Caesar bar." Jim added, "don't worry. That bar is owned by my friend. It's very safe there. You don't need to drink. You just need to sit there and listen to my story, and then drive me home. What do you think?"

It was rare for Jim to show a childlike expression on his face.

He had never asked anyone for help in his life.

Rose nodded, turned the steering wheel and drove towards the Caesar bar.

"Mr. Qu."

As soon as Rose and Jim entered the room, a waiter nodded to greet him.

Jim seemed to be an old customer here. He ordered the waiter, "open the box on the top floor for me."

"Okay." The waiter took a look at Rose and left with a meaningful look.

It was known to all that Jim hardly let people get into the box on the top floor. There was the top security equipment and no one would disturb him. Mr. Qu usually went to the box on the top floor when he want to drink alone.

He didn't expect Mr. Qu to bring a beautiful oriental woman with him today.

The waiter took Rose and Jim to the top floor.

Rose had been on high alert. There was a recorder pen in her bag. Rose put her hand into her bag and inadvertently pressed the power switch.

She never forgot her purpose of approaching Jim.

For Jim, ordinary women would probably give their hearts to him because of his deep affection, gentleness and wealth.

But obviously, Rose was not an ordinary woman.

She had been with her father for many years, and then in the Gu Family. She was good at gauging people's mind.

Jim was not an ordinary man as well. He looked harmless and naive, but was indeed very sophisticated.

She had to be careful in front of him.

Furthermore, he was the son of Sun, who wanted to kill every single one from her family.

She couldn't really love Jim, neither should she.

"Take a seat. Why are you looking at me like that?" Jim sat down and said to Rose with a smile. Then he turned to the waiter and ordered, "bring me the whiskey I have stored here and a glass of cherry juice. Remember, cherr

background of Jim and she had known a few information of him. His mother died a long time ago. Since then, the relationship between Jim and Sun had been very bad. He even changed his surname from Zhao to Qu, following his mother's surname.

After half a year, Sun married the mother of his current wife, Mandy's mother.

At that time, Mandy was already six years old. Before she joined the Zhao Family, she lived as an illegitimate daughter of Sun.

As soon as Jim finished his words, the atmosphere in the room suddenly froze. Jim began to drink one after another.

Rose watched him drinking without saying anything.

After a long time, Jim felt as if he was drunk and the effect of alcohol began to play. He looked at Rose, as if he had seen two of her.

"You..." Jim pointed at Rose and said with a smile, "you have become two people."

He wanted to pounce on her, but Rose pushed him away and he lay back like soft mud.

Being pushed away, he didn't get angry. He said with a smile, "if only there are two of you. One for me, one for me..."

Looking at Jim, Rose took a few deep breaths and said calmly, "you are drunk, Jim."

"I'm not drunk! I can drink more. " Jim picked up the glass and shook it. Looking at the liquid in the bottle, he suddenly lost in thought. After thinking for a while, his face gradually became serious.

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