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   Chapter 194 Dissolute Nature

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"Mrs. Gu, as you know, Mr. Gu is very busy now and he doesn't have time to see you. Please cooperate with me for treatment first, okay?" The psychologist talked patiently.

However, Rose just stood up and walked out of the room without looking back, even though the psychologist shouted behind her.

After all, Rose was the wife of the Gu family. In this villa, no one dared to force her to receive treatment.

The psychologist just sighed, shook his head, packed up and left.

In the quiet bedroom, Rose was still sitting on the bed, holding her knees and watching the TV.

It was today's financial news on TV.

Burke's face was so beautiful and handsome on the screen.

"The CEO of the Gu Group, Burke Gu, seems to have an affair with a popular female star at night club again." The striking headline made Rose unable to neglect it.

He hadn't been back to the villa for so many days because he was in the night club.

Rose looked at the blurry photo on TV. It was a photo of a hot woman held by Burke. They seemed to be flirting in a night club.

Rose suddenly stood up and looked around for the remote control. She didn't want to see it or listen to it anymore!

The more anxious Rose was, the more she couldn't find the remote control. The anchorwoman on TV was reporting, "the president of Gu Group, Burke, has been in a night club today. His female companions have changed countless, and the showgirls of the entertainment circle have been captured .."

"Ah!" Rose covered her ears and screamed. She wanted to run away instinctively. She didn't want to hear it, nor did she want to watch those things that would make her sad.

"Madam! Madam! " Hearing the scream of Rose, nanny Wang knocked at the door of the bedroom, only to find that the bedroom was locked. She quickly went to find the spare key.

With tears in her eyes, Rose stared at the picture showing Burke holding another woman on the TV screen. She picked up a vase and threw it at the TV.

With a loud noise, the TV screen was smashed to pieces, and peace returned to the bedroom.

Rose lay on the bed, out of br

, they would lose their jobs.

But we have to know that Xavier has a special background. Ordinary people like them can't afford to offend him.

That was such a dilemma.

"Let him in." Said Burke in a calm voice.

"Yes, sir." As if getting an amnesty, Mike asked the people outside to invite Xavier in and fled in a hurry.

"Burke! I'm calling you "Brother" only to save your face! What the fuck do you mean by that? " Xavier slammed today's newspaper on the conference table, looking at Burke, waiting for an explanation from Burke.

Burke opened his eyes and read the newspaper unhurriedly. He sneered, "what's wrong? How could you believe what those paparazzi wrote? "

"I want to an explanation!" Xavier held the table with his hands, "why don't you let me and Tina see Rose? Why did you leave Rose alone and go out to have fun? Have you forgotten what you said before? You were not like this when you made a contract with Rose for three months! "

"Xavier, I don't think it's necessary to explain my private life to you," Burke ignored Xavier's anger.

"I don't want to meddle in your private life. I just regard Rose as my family. I don't want you to do so many things just to hurt her!" Xavier said to Burke word by word.

Burke didn't say anything, with a mocking smile on his lips.

They all came to blame him for hurting Rose, but who could judge how much had Rose hurt him?

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