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   Chapter 193 Disguised Imprisonment

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6063

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"I came to the hospital Take care of a friend in hospital. " What Austin didn't tell Rose was that he came to the hospital because of Jesse.

He had seen through his heart because of Rose. He had no choice but to love her.

But for Jesse, he was just using her.

He admitted that he owed Jesse and failed her love for him, but he had no choice.

He also wanted to try to love Jesse, but sadly, he found that Rose was already living in his heart, and he could no longer live with the other people.

The reason why he was engaged to Jesse was that he wanted to use the influence of her father's group to help the Yuan clan's Wyon Group grow stronger.

He admitted that he was a bastard, a real bastard.

He used Jesse's love for him to achieve his selfish desire.

However, while taking advantage of Jesse, he also suffered a lot of torture and guilt. During his trip to the United States, he finally realized that he shouldn't have become such a person. It was disdainful for him to be promoted by taking advantage of a woman's love.

When he was a student, he was ambitious. What he hated most was the kind of person who used others to strengthen himself.

But he had become that kind of person, the person he hated most in the past.

It was exactly the time when Tina was in hospital with Rose that aroused his inner purity and kindness.

He decided not to lie to Jesse anymore, but to tell her the truth. He told her directly that he couldn't love her and that he had been using her to expand the Wyon Group.

He apologized to her and wanted to break off the engagement, and promised to compensate Jesse.

But when they were negotiating, Jesse couldn't endure it anymore. She rushed to the road and had a car accident.

The car accident made Jesse in a coma. Her attending doctor said th

aiting for us downstairs." Rose nodded to Austin and thanked him. With the help of nanny Wang, she walked out of the hospital step by step.

Austin stood still and stared at Rose's back for a long time.

He could feel that she was not happy recently.

He knew, but he had no right to help her, which made him feel sad.

After the quarrel with Rose that day, on the second day, Burke sent someone to guard the small villa, not allowing Rose to go out.

Even Xavier and Tina were not allowed to visit.

It seemed that he was very busy and didn't want to see Rose.

Besides nanny Wang, the only person Rose could meet in the villa was a psychologist.

Every afternoon was Rose's treatment time.

"Mrs. Gu, relax. Today's treatment is very simple. I hope you can cooperate with me."

The psychologist invited by Burke was a well-known expert of domestic authority, but it was a headache to meet such an uncooperative case like Rose.

Rose didn't accept his treatment. She just wanted to meet Burke.

"I want to meet Burke. I didn't accept any treatment until I met him. " Rose repeated.

She had been trapped in the villa for ten days. During these ten days, she couldn't see him at all.

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