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   Chapter 187 Slander

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6667

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"Miss Zhao, do you know that you need to be responsible for slandering my husband?" Rose stared at Mandy and said.

"Well, I'm just reminding you out of kindness. Isn't it sad that someone close to you killed your father?" Mandy looked at Rose leisurely.

After a while, Rose gradually calmed down. Looking at Mandy's face, she said slowly, "Miss Zhao, you seem to enjoy making up stories, don't you?"

"Rose, wake up. You don't deserve Burke! The only person in the world who is good enough for Burke is me, Mandy Zhao, the daughter of the Zhao Family! Do you understand? " Mandy said in an arrogant low voice.

With a loud sound, all the people present, except for Rose, were shocked.

Being slapped by Rose, Mandy turned her head and felt a sharp pain on her face, which soon swelled up.

"You bitch! How dare you hit me?" Mandy looked at Rose in disbelief, covering her face, angry and angry.

She had always been spoiled since she was a child in the Zhao Family. She had never encountered such a thing.

She had been humiliated twice by Rose in public!

"Miss Zhao, you are so boring. I don't have time to make up stories with you. I slapped you just now because you spread a rumor about my husband and insulted my father. Let me remind you for the last time. If you think only you are good enough for Burke, you can try to grab him if you are capable to. I'm afraid you can't get it. "

Looking at Mandy's face distorted due to anger, Rose raised the window and ordered the driver in the front row coldly, "drive."

"What?" The driver was still in shock. He took a look at Rose from the rearview mirror and then looked at Mandy who was in a rage. He swallowed and started the engine.

"Rose! Stop! Stop! Stop the car! " Wearing high-heeled shoes, Mandy chased after Rose's car for a few steps. Knowing that she couldn't catch up with Rose, Mandy stamped her feet and shouted at the crowd, "what are you looking at? Hadn't you seen anyone quarrel with others? Get out of

ver his face and chest. He asked her to leave Burke...

Rose covered her face and couldn't help crying with her shoulders trembling.

Tina thought for a while and held Rose's thin body.

"Rose, I understand your pain. If you need any help, just say it."

Ray's funeral was a grand one.

This was under Burke's order, and the Gu Family members all treated it seriously.

The funeral was personally conducted by Burke and Rose, letting Ray and Rose's mother Lillian be buried together.

Rose presented a bunch of white chrysanthemums in front of her parents' tombstone, squatted down and gently stroked the photos of her parents on the tombstone.

The photos were taken when Rose's parents were young.

Looking at the young faces in the photo, Rose felt a lump in her throat and held back the tears in her eyes.

The happy time of the family in the past seemed to like yesterday, but now, things had all changed.

"Dad, I let you be with mom. You just arrived heaven. If you need anything, please tell me though my dreams. I'll have someone burn it for you. " Rose said in a low voice. Then she turned to her mother's photo and said, "Mom, my father has gone there. Take care of him. You always quarreled with each other when you were young. You often dislike his behaviors. Don't nitpick each other anymore."

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