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   Chapter 186 It Was Burke Who Killed Him

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6338

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Rose pulled herself out of her thoughts.

"Your phone is ringing." The driver reminded her.

Rose picked up the phone and found it was Tina.

"Hello, Tina."

"Rose, would you like to have lunch with me?" Tina had already known the news that Rose's father had passed away from Xavier. There were too many things that Xavier hadn't said, but Tina knew that Rose must need someone to accompany at this time.

As her friend, she could only stand out to comfort her at this time.

Life or death was something that could not be changed by human beings.

Tina was sad for Rose and worried about her.

"Okay. Where do you want to go?" Rose agreed.

"Let's go to the Skyriver Commercial Street. There is a nice hotpot restaurant here." Said Tina.

"Okay." Rose hung up the phone and ordered the driver in the front row, "Go to the Skyriver Commercial Street."

"Got it."

The car started. Leaning against the back seat and closing her eyes, Rose felt unprecedentedly tired.

After a long time, with a loud bang, Rose obviously felt something hit her from the back of the car. Her body shook forward and was firmly installed in the front seat.

"Mrs. Rose, are you okay?" Regardless of anything else, the driver in the front row quickly turned around to look at Rose, but he thought that something was wrong. If Mr. Gu knew about it, he would lose his job.

"Nothing." Rose covered her forehead and said softly. She never wanted to make things difficult for the people below. "What's wrong?"

"There is a rear end collision. I'll go downstairs and have a look." As soon as the driver in the front row finished his words, a woman in extremely coquettish clothes came over domineeringly and knocked hard on the window on the driver's seat.

"Come down! Why don't you look at the road while driving? " The sharp female voice immediately attracted a lot of attention.

Looking at

answer Mandy, but looked at her coldly. Her tightly clenched hands betrayed her emotions.

"Do you want to know who killed your father?" Mandy whispered in Rose's ear.

"Mandy, what do you mean?" Rose tried her best to control her emotions.

"I didn't mean anything." Mandy chuckled, "I think it's okay for you to send my cousin to prison. After all, in my eyes, Rachel Wang is just a follower, with whom I just have fun. But after all, she is my cousin. If you let her go to jail, it will be a provocation to me. But I don't bear grudge, I only return the foe with boon."

"Rachel got her punishment by herself." Rose sneered at Mandy.

"Whatever. I don't care about this person anyway." Mandy shrugged and looked at Rose with a vicious light in her eyes. "I said that I like to return my foes with boons, so I tell you a piece of news, in case you are always kept in the dark."

Mandy approached her ear and said slowly in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Your father was killed by Burke. He asked someone to add something good into your father's food. But don't be afraid. The surveillance video has been destroyed by him. You can't find any evidence."

After saying that, Mandy proudly admired Rose's face that suddenly turned pale.

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