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   Chapter 180 I Don't Like It

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Burke hold Rose's hands to go upstairs. As soon as they arrived, a man dressed fashionably came up to them. He had brown hair, dark red nails, fair skin and a pair of Phoenix eyes. He was a little coquettish and beautiful.

Rose was stunned.

The man opened his arms and gave Burke a warm hug as if they were old friends. "Hi, Burke. Long time no see."

"Long time no see, Cage." Burke replied politely.

"Is she your little wife?" The man looked at Rose up and down, with scrutiny in his eyes.

"Maybe you should call her Mrs. Gu." Said Burke seriously.

"Okay, Mrs. Gu. Good afternoon. I'm Cage, the roommate of Burke when he was studying abroad. He majored in finance and I in fashion design. " Cage reached out his hand to Rose.

Rose also reached out her hand to shake with his and smiled politely, "Hello."

"Come and sit here. This is my image design studio. It only serves first-line stars, or, "Cage said after thinking for a while," or rich people like Burke."

After saying that, Cage took a look at Rose, covered his mouth and laughed. "No, I was just kidding. I'm not the kind of mercenary person who stinks of money."

"Aren't you mercenary?" Burke sat on the sofa leisurely.

Rose looked around the whole studio. From the outside, it was not eye-catching. But when one walked in, he would see the luxury inside.

The furniture was all first-class and the decoration was impeccable. It seemed that they had put a lot of thought into it.

"How about my design? At that time, I begged Burke to give me his design draft and I made my studio according to it. " Cage said to Rose proudly.

"That's just the homework I gave to the professor." Burke said mercilessly.

Cage cast a reproachful glance at Burke and said, "Forget it. Let's stop chatting. What do you want me to do for Mrs. Gu today?"

"You should ask my wife, not me." Burke casually pulled out a magazine

faint smile on his face, Burke raised his glass to greet them.

"Isn't this Rose Lin? How is your father in prison? I used to know him. " Sun asked Rose with a smile, but his words were full of sarcasm.

With a long face, Burke pulled Rose behind him secretly. Looking at Sun, who was half a head shorter than him, Burke said unhurriedly, "Mr. Sun, you are so thoughtful. Thank you for your concern."

His tone was not very good, and the atmosphere suddenly became cold.

"Burke," Mandy, who was standing next to Sun, looked at him and said in a soft voice, "My father didn't mean to offend. I hope you and Rose don't take it seriously."

"No, I won't." Burke smiled politely and said, "I hope Mr. Sun doesn't neither."

"Of course not." Sun nodded and looked at Rose meaningfully.

Rose was stunned and felt that Sun looked at her strangely. She suddenly felt a little flustered.

"I have some old friends who haven't greeted me yet. I'm leaving now." After saying that, Sun nodded to Burke and Rose and left with Mandy.

Obviously, Mandy wanted to talk more with Burke, but her father was beside her, so she had to leave with him.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well? " Burke asked in a low voice as he felt the stiffness of Rose beside him.

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