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   Chapter 175 Look Flurried

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Mike breathed heavily. He glanced at Patrick and whispered in his ear, "Someone who was sent to follow Mrs. Gu said that Mrs. Gu, her friend Tina and Mr. Yang went to Bryant town."

"I know." Rose had told him last night.

"The mountain torrents broke out in Bryant town today!" "Hundreds of people have died, and the whole town is almost submerged. Now the rescue team are trying to get in! But rescue team still can't do anything about it. The geography there is too complicated. The rescue team can only use helicopters to rescue them now, but because the number of helicopters are not enough, the number of victims is increasing... "

The expression on Burke's face suddenly changed, and the pen in his hand broke with a click.

Seeing this, Mike didn't dare to say anything more.

"Book the latest flight for me! Hurry up! " Burke growled.

"Okay," said Mike, as he turned on her laptop. He stared at the screen and said to Burke "Mr. Gu, the last flight is at three o'clock in the afternoon, but it's already full."

"Call the airline and ask them to make room for me no matter how much it costs. We will pay for the loss of other customers. " Said Burke. His tone had lost its usual calmness.

"Okay." Mike replied.

"In addition, ask [孙经理] to prepare the helicopter for us. We will go straight to Bryant town after we arrive. Just leave one for us. Contact the local government later and tell them that the Gu Group can provide helicopter rescue without pay, and we can also provide some other supplies without pay. We can listen to orders and participate in the rescue at any time. " With his hands on the table, Burke couldn't help but tremble his fingers. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. He couldn't panic because they were waiting for him to save them

ly lifted her down jacket and wanted to stand up, but after feeling a sting in the soles of her feet, she collapsed to sit down. Fortunately, Jean held her in time.

"Sister, your feet are injured now. You can't move!" Jean continued, "Besides, I have to take good care of you since Xavier asked me to."

Looking at her feet which were simply bandaged, Rose thumped the ground in anger. Her head was still dizzy, but the fear in her heart expanded at one point one. At this time, she could only pray helplessly.

'Tina, I must come back safe and sound...'

Seeing Rose's reaction, Jean's father sighed, shook his head and left.

"By the way, before he left, he asked me to give this to you. He said if he didn't come back, he would take this back to his parents." Jean suddenly remembered Xavier's order when he left. She took out a jade pendant from her pocket and handed it to Rose.

Rose put the jade pendant in her hand, clenched it and put it on her chest. Tears fell down.

She recognized that it was the jade pendant that Xavier always carried.

He once showed off to her and Burke that this jade pendant was hard to change.

He was well prepared for not coming back.

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