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   Chapter 173 A Narrow Escape (Part One)

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6897

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Holding the phone in Burke's hand, he sighed, "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"I will" Rose replied obediently.

"Rose, why are you alone in the yard? You'll catch a cold! " Jean's mother got up and saw Rose standing in the yard alone.

Rose turned around and said to the phone, "I need to hang up. Be careful in Malaysia."

"Okay." After hanging up the phone, Burke put it down, leaned back and lay on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling above.

He was just like a young man in love who would miss Rose.

With a smile, Burke sat up lazily, picked some clothes from his suitcase and walked into the bathroom.

In the next few days, he still had several tough battles to fight, and he had to win.

On the early morning of the second day, Tina and Xavier went out to attend the funeral of Fiona. Because of the inconvenient walking, Rose was still staying at Jean's house.

The funeral in the countryside was held early. It started at 6 o'clock in the morning and lasted till half past ten in the morning.

The weather in Bryant town was very bad today. It began to rain in the morning, and it was getting heavier and heavier until noon.

Rose packed up her luggage and stood in front of the window, waiting for Tina and Xavier to come back.

Because of the rain, the water and electricity in Bryant town were cut off.

Tina, Jean and Jean's mother came back first, but they didn't see Xavier.

"Where is the Xavier?" Rose asked.

Tina put away the umbrella and gasped slightly, "it's raining today, and the soil on the mountain is loose, sliding down and pressing down on many villagers. Xavier is there to help save people."

The rain was so heavy that even though she held the umbrella, half of her body was still wet.

"Tina, it's raining heavily today. You can leave with your friend tomorrow. It's so heavy that the road can't be seen clearly. " Seeing that Rose had packed up her luggage, Jean's mother couldn't help persuading her.

"We have no choice but to stay here. The road down the mountain may be flooded." Looking a

Don't be washed away by the flow! " Xavier shouted.

Jean nodded, held Xavier tightly and followed him step by step.

"Yang, remember to send Rose and Tina there safely." Xavier turned to Yang and said worriedly.

"Don't worry. I will send them there safely!" Said Yang.

Xavier took a last look at them and left with Jean's mother and Jean.

"Rose, are you hurt?" Tina exclaimed when she noticed the red blood around Rose.

"It doesn't matter. I think I have stepped on a nail." Rose shook her head and forced a smile. She could feel that the wound was bleeding quickly.

"Yang, you carry Rose on your back. Her legs and feet are inconvenient. I'll follow you." Tina said to Yang.

"Okay." Without saying a word, Yang carried Rose on his back and found a piece of cloth to wrap himself. He handed the other end of the cloth to Tina and said, "Tina, follow me. The flow is too fast outside. I'm afraid there is a big flood. I'll send you all there!"

The safe place mentioned by Yang and Xavier was a folk residence at the highest point of the village.

It was a safe place with no mountains around.

Gritting his teeth, Yang rushed into the water with Tina and Rose.

After walking for a long time, Rose lay on the back of Yang and her consciousness became blurred.

It seemed that she didn't feel any pain on her feet, but she began to feel dizzy.

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