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   Chapter 171 Childhood Sweetheart

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Xavier loved a girl when he was seventeen.

He loved her so much but no results.

"Her name is Emma, the daughter of my driver. This is the only photo of us." Xavier took out his wallet, fumbled in it and took out a photo.

To Rose's surprise, this girl was not the most beautiful one. She was so ordinary that you even forget her existence in the crowd.

She looked ordinary, only when she smiled, her eyes curved into the shape of a crescent moon, which was very attractive.

Rose looked at the old photo with curly edges. The girl in white dress was standing between the two boys, with Burke on the left and Xavier on the right.

At that time, Burke was still wearing the simplest white T-shirt, but he still looked serious and gentle.

Xavier stood aside, holding a basketball and smiling brightly.

"I was going to throw this photo away, but then I thought it was a memory of my youth, so I decided to keep it." Xavier lowered his head and smiled.

"You like her?" Rose looked at the photo and asked.

Xavier nodded, "I used to like her, but now I don't. It should be called memory."

"Childhood sweetheart?" Rose looked at the three people in the photo, as if they had known each other for many years.

"Sort of."

Xavier fumbled around with his left hand and took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket. He took one out and put it in his mouth. When he was about to start the fire, he looked at Rose and put it down as if he suddenly thought of something.

Xavier liked to smoke when he was irritable.

"I don't mind." Looking at the cigarette put down by Xavier, Rose said gently, "If this can make you relax, I don't mind you smoking. Smoking is harmful to your health. I have to say it out of concern. "

Xavier put the box of cigarettes back to his pocket, "Do you know that? Sometimes I really envy Burke. He is luckier than me. He has someone loves him so much. I'm also jealous of Yang. Tina used t

kind of person as Tina. He looked careless on the surface, and only she knew how painful his heart was.

Tina came out of the inner hall and sat beside Rose.

"What are you talking about?" Tina wrapped her coat tightly and asked curiously.

Rose shook her head and said, "Just a chitchat."

"The scenery here is so beautiful. Many people came to see poverty for the first time, but I saw peace and tranquility. " With her chin in her hands, Tina lay on the rocking chair which would creak in a short time. It seemed that she had returned to the past.

"Fortunately, Burke didn't see this place, or he would have to plan to develop it again." Xavier crossed his legs, with a dog's tail grass in his mouth, and joked, "Gu Group is a capitalist. He wants to encircle all the good places into Gu Group."

Rose smiled, "I'd like to take a photo of you and show it to those girls who want to go on blind dates with you."

"Hurry up! My mom always arrange blind dates for me. I'm so annoyed. " Xavier really hoped that the debutante could know his true face, and quickly dispersed.

Rose chatted with Xavier for a while, while Tina just listened and did not say something.

Tomorrow was the day of Fiona's funeral. After they parted tomorrow, they would never see each other again.

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