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   Chapter 170 I Have Never Loved Again

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6919

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"Nothing." Rose shook her head. In a small town in a strange place, she actually missed Burke a little.

"Do you know what he is going to do in Malaysia?" Rose asked.

She always felt that there was something strange with the man who had video chat with her yesterday. He seemed to have encountered a very sticky business.

"I don't know. Maybe he is on a business trip there. I heard that the Gu Group is expanding its overseas business recently." Xavier answered, his eyes following Tina who was talking with Jean outside the door.

Rose, of course, noticed it and wanted to remind Xavier. But she didn't say anything at the end. Maybe she was overthinking.

After all, Xavier and Tina had only met for a few times.

Jean's mother was very enthusiastic. She cooked noodles with chopped green onion for dinner.

It was the most delicious and best food in the town.

The table was set in an open-air yard. With the help of Xavier, Rose slowly walked out of the room.

Yang was setting up a shed in the yard. When he saw them coming out, he lowered his head at a loss and continued to work.

"Tina, come and have dinner. Don't just tutor Jean. Hurry up. Rose and Xavier, come and have dinner, "Jean's mother greeted warmly, filling everyone's bowl with noodles.

"Hey, Yang, don't stand still. Come and eat." Jean's mother deliberately left a seat next to Tina and asked Jean lead Yang to sit there.

However, Xavier sat down next to Tina and said as if he knew nothing, "Well, the air here is so fresh. The noodles are delicious. "

Yang held the bowl awkwardly and sat on the seat where Xavier had been sitting. He lowered his head and pulled the noodles, but he was still thought about Tina.

"Yang, bring some noodles to your father later. He must haven't eaten well at home alone." Said Jean's mother.

Yang nodded and looked up at Tina secretly from time to time, but she always lowered her head to eat noodles, with no expression on her face.

[Yang certainly knew that he had no chance to ask for her forgiveness. He quickly finished the

there's nothing bothering me."

Rose also looked up at the sky in a daze. That day, she and Burke also lay down under such a starry sky and talked with each other.

The man who had loved her for a whole youth told her under the stars that he liked her.

There was nothing more romantic than this.

"Do you have someone you like?" Rose remembered that day in the hospital, Burke wanted to say something about Xavier but stopped on a second thought.

She didn't want to inquire about it at first, but now seeing that he was so concerned about the matter of Tina, she still wanted to ask him.

Hearing this, Xavier was stunned and turned his head. After a while, he nodded and said, "yes, there was. Now I don't know. "

He really didn't know whether he liked Tina or not. For Tina, Xavier admitted that he had the impulse to protect her, but he couldn't tell the exact feeling when it came to men and women.

"Rose, I'm serious about love. Don't judge me from appearance... " Xavier shook his head with self-mockery, "Although sometimes I like to accost beautiful women, flirt with little girls or something like that, in fact, I am really serious about love."

When Xavier was young, he really fell in love with a girl, but after that girl left, he never loved someone again.

Sometimes he even forgot how it felt to like someone and fall in love with someone.

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