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   Chapter 168 Attending The Funeral

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When Rose arrived at place where Tina lived, Xavier had already arrived. Sitting in the living room, he heard the doorbell ringing and came to open the door for Rose.

"Where is Tina?" Rose put down her things and asked.

" Washing in the bathroom." Xavier answered.

"Why did you arrive so early? Didn't you say that you would be busy at the end of the year?" Rose looked at Xavier up and down and found that he had cleaned up a himself little today. She was stunned.

Although Xavier had a delicate face of toy boy, he had always called himself a real man of steel and disdained to dress up.

When Burke and Rose were not married, Burke and Xavier were misunderstood as some kind of relationship beyond friends.

This made Xavier crazy, not because he was mistakenly regarded as a guy, but because others always thought that Xavier was the one who are weak.

After all, Burke was born with a solemn and cold face, and Xavier did look like a handsome man in a comic book.

"Hey, who am I? If I don't want to be busy. there is nobody can force me to do things." Xavier said casually as if he didn't care about it at all. In fact, only he knew that in order to finish his work last night, he didn't go to bed until early in the morning. Early in the morning, he got up again and handed a fake note to his office. His boss, was an old friend of Xavier]'s father. He signed it after scolding the "Bad boy".

Xavier took a look at the food box placed on the table by Rose, then he opened it and smelled it. "Well... This must be made by nanny Wang. Seafood scallop porridge. You are so considerate. You know that I haven't eaten enough breakfast."

"Nanny Wang asked me to bring them here for Tina. But you can also have some. I guess it's enough. "Looking at Xavier's look, Rose was amused and picked up a magazine on

to calling you sister-in-law." Jean muttered in a low voice. She looked at Yang who was standing not far away and sighed, "Sister in law, can't you really forgive cousin? He really knew he was wrong. "

Tina was stunned and embarrassed.

Before Tina could say anything, Xavier turned Jean's shoulder with one hand and answered, "No way. Show us the way. "

Seeing Xavier's expression, Rose had guesses and she held the hand of Tina and looked at her, giving her an encouraging smile.

If they want to get to Yang's hometown, they have to take another mountain road.

It was getting late. It was difficult to walk up the mountain road unless people were familiar with it.

Jean took Rose and the others all the way up the mountain, and Yang followed them not far away. He was not ashamed to get close to Tina now. He was very satisfied that she could attend his mother's funeral.

Holding Tina's hand, Rose could feel the moist in her palm.

It took them about half an hour to reach the town.

This town had a small population and almost everyone knew each other.

"Although our town is poor, we are united. We will come to help whoever gets into trouble." Jean kept chatting with Xavier all the way.

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