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   Chapter 158 Knowing Everything

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"Why do you know that I like black coffee?" He was surprised that Rose knew his preferences.

"I guessed." Rose blinked her eyes and smiled mysteriously at Burke.

In fact, Rose and Burke had lived together for such a long time, how could she did not know his preferences.

It was just that he had never looked back at her before.

Rose picked up the tablecloth and played with it. She looked at Burke with emotion in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Rose had been watching him for a long time, so Burke asked curiously.

"I also know that you only have pork chop in the sandwich for breakfast, no chicken chop, because you hate the skin on it. You always use the same brand of mint perfume on your square towel when you go out. You won't accept any other smell. " Said Rose.

"You know everything I like." Burke said to Rose.

"Otherwise, why did they call me Mrs. Gu? Rose smiled and looked down at the table cloth.

Thinking of those days when she could only look at the back of Burke, there was a little bitterness in her eyes, but she had to pretend that nothing had happened.

Although the employees in the restaurant seemed to be busy with their own work, many of them were secretly looking at Rose and Burke.

"Aren't you used to this kind of occasion?" Burke asked softly.

"I just don't like the feeling of being watched." Rose replied in a low voice.

In fact, Rose knew that she and Burke were born to receive more attention than others, which was inevitable.

"Well, I don't like it either. It has just been developed and hasn't officially opened to the public. Now almost a

noyed by him. In front of him, she was no longer calm and silent, but like a little daughter.

And he could enjoy this side of her alone.

In Xavier's words, in front of Rose, Burke had completely turned into a young child.

Well, he didn't find it before, but now it seemed to be true.

Thinking of this, Burke shook his head.

There were many smiles in his often cold eyes.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing." Said Burke, shaking his head.

Rose pursed her lips and ignored his mysteries. She looked around.

The decoration of the restaurant was also her favorite style. It was simple and beautiful. The ceiling made of woods showed the combination of modern and nostalgia.

The windows were all decorated with colorful old Shanghai style.

Rose looked at the windows and said, "The decoration here is very beautiful. It makes people feel like they have returned to the past. Did you hire the same designer to design the restaurant and guest room? "

"No." "I designed the decoration of the restaurant."

"You even know how to design?"

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