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   Chapter 156 The Desire To Fall In Love

Love Gets The Best Of Me By Chang Du Characters: 6507

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He knew that his mom loved Justin more than him.

But he had to thank Justin. If it weren't for Justin, he wouldn't have existed in the world.

"Justin has leukemia and needs to be replaced with bone marrow, but no one can match his blood type, so my mother gave birth to me in order to match Justin's blood type." Burke said slowly. The past was now very vague in his memory, but he still remembered the eyes of everyone in the Gu family when they faced him.

Sympathy, pity, but no love.

Everyone just took him as a tool to save Justin's life.

Justin was six years older than Burke. When Burke was very young, he also wanted to sit in his mother's arms like other children.

But Sue seldom held him in her arms.

As far as he could remember, all the hugs that belonged to a his sick elder brother.

But he was not qualified to do that.

At that time, Burke's grandma was busy with managing the business of the Gu Group, and her father seldom went home because of the discord with her mother.

Every time he came back home, he just took a vacation or went to the hospital to visit Justin.

Young Burke, who wanted to see his father, had to went to the hospital every day, hoping to see his father in Justin's ward. In that case, he was not the child that no one else cared about in the eyes of other children. At least, when his father visited Justin, he would touch his head and ask him obedient.

Everyone was busy taking care of Justin, and his childhood was brought up by the servants hired by his family.

This indirectly resulted in his cold personality, which was born not to like to be close to others.

But his cold personality did not mean that he did not want to be loved.

So in order to attract Sue's attention, he went to the snow in the cold winter, only wearing thin clothes and rolling on the snow. His lips turned purple because of the cold, and then he was taken back by the servant.

Of course he

ose's cheeks.

He kissed her affectionately, from her forehead, eyes, and lips, and then lingered there.

Rose reached out her hand and unbuttoned his shirt when she touched his chest which had been wet by her tears.

One, two, three

"Rosy..." Holding her hands that were unbuttoning his buttons, he left her lips and looked at her with his hands supporting his body.

He was still a little sober. He didn't want to force her to do something she didn't like as before.

"Burke, I don't regret it." She looked at him and said seriously. Her voice was soft but firm.

She didn't regret falling in love with him and giving him another chance.

She didn't regret sleeping with him now.

"Aren't you a in period?" Burke said hesitantly, trying to restrain his desire.

Rose raised her body, crossed her hands around his neck, and whispered to him, "I lied to you."

As soon as she finished speaking, she let out a low cry. Her body was held up by Burke and pressed under him. He stared at her with his eagle like eyes, bent down and gently bit her earlobe.

Rose couldn't help but moan.

"You, little liar." He took off her clothes.

After all the clothes were taken off, Burke held Rose in his arms and flirted with her naked body with his hands, which aroused her desire.

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