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   Chapter 155 Tell Me Your Past

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Feeling Rose's gaze, Burke turned around and looked at her. After a long time, he finally said in a soft voice, "Rosy, I have done many wrong things before. I'm sorry. It's my fault. In the past, I just regarded you as a partner of the contract, and I didn't allow myself to have any feelings for you. But now, I won't do that again. I'm trying to see my heart clearly, and I'm trying to put you in my heart. "

Burke held Rose's hand and put it on his chest.

"Burke..." Looking at him, Rose suddenly felt that the man in front of her was so gentle and unreal.

"Rosy, please listen to me," continued Burke, "I know that although you have accepted me and are willing to give me three months to start over, I know that you still regard Amanda as a thorn in your heart."

Although after getting along with each other for a month, he knew that Rose was trying to open her heart to completely accept him and forget all the unhappiness in the past, he could see that she was still afraid.

It was he who didn't give her enough courage.

Hearing the "Amanda", Rose lowered her head and said, "you know it. Burke, I I can't completely accept you now, not only because of Amanda, but also our unborn child. There are too many people and obstacles between us, And I know your mom doesn't like me. "

At the thought of Sue, Rose couldn't understand why she hated her so much.

"Burke, please trust me. There is no any other relationship except friendship between me and Austin. And Amanda, she caused the death of our child." Rose looked at Burke and said.

In the past nearly a month, the relationship between her and Burke was getting better and better. The two of them carefully managed the newly established relationship, and they didn't mention anything that had stood between them in the past. But now, it was time to take it out and have a good talk, so

oung. At that time, everyone in the Gu Family was very sad. In order not to let everyone be immersed in such a sad mood, my father ordered everyone not to mention Justin again. "

It happened a long time ago. Almost no one knew Justin except a few people who had contact with the Gu Family in the early years and knew the existence of Justin,.

"My brother is excellent, smarter, more outgoing and more pleasing than me." Said Burke.

"You are already very great." Rose said softly. In her heart, no one could compare with him.

With a smile, he lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. "That's because you are my wife, so you speak for me. If you had met Justin, you would have liked him too. At that time, all the elders liked Justin and didn't like me. But I have a good relationship with Justin. He is my brother and the only person who liked me at that time. "

"Burke..." Rose called him.

However, Burke gave her a gentle look, indicating that he was fine. He continued to hold her in his arms and told her about his childhood.

Burke didn't have a good childhood.

Since he grew older, he knew that he was born to save Justin.

If it weren't for saving Justin, his mother would never have given birth to him.

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