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   Chapter 151 I'm Afraid You'll Seduce Me

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Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

"There are a lot of things in the company at the end of the year, so I have to deal with them tonight," said Burke, as he picked up a pile of documents on the table and waved at Leona Rose helplessly. "Mrs. Gu, would you like to stay with Mr. Gu who is working hard tonight?"

"I'd better go back. I just want to have a look at you. Besides, this is a hospital, not any other place." Rose refused. The flush on her face hadn't faded away because of what happened just now, which was damn attractive in the eyes of Burke.

He approached Rose quietly, held her waist and took her into his arms. "I've worked so hard to make money. Mrs. Gu, don't you want to reward me?"

His tone was ambiguous and suggestive.

"Mr. Gu, how do you want me to reward you?" Rose was forced to be closely attached to him. Through the clothes, she could even feel his warm body temperature. She had been through such things, so she didn't want to be laughed at by Burke. She pretended to look up at him calmly, but her heart was beating fast and she felt very ashamed. As long as she was in front of him, she was as shy as a little girl of seventeen or eight years old.

Hearing what Rose said, the smile in Burke's eyes deepened, and he was not in a hurry to answer. He just slowly rolled up the hair scattered on both sides of her cheeks with the other hand to the back of her ear, and his slender fingers wandered between her chin and neck. He stared at her and gently said, "Dear, I have worked so hard. How about you as my award ?"

Rose really felt that Burke had changed a lot recently.

She was not used to it.

In the past, Burke was as cold as an iceberg, he would do whatever he wanted directly. How could he have the time to flirt with her.

Rose had never seen him like this before.

Now she knew that he had a lot of gentleness.

He said he would try to start over with her.

But, was she the one he really loved?

How many women had he been so gentle to?

Rose had been pursuing and longing for so

ing just now.

"Thank you." As soon as he said this, he was driving the guest away.

The nurse was sensible. Looking at Rose and herself, she knew there was a huge gap between them. She nodded and walked out of the ward.

After the nurse left, Rose looked at Burke and said, " Dangerous man."

"What? You mean me? " Burke asked in confusion.

"The nurse's eyes were glued to you just now." Said Rose.

"Rosy," said Burke, smiling at Rose. "Don't tell me that you were jealous just now."

"I'm not jealous." Rose denied.

He held her on his legs in a good mood, rested his chin on her shoulder and said, "I have to deal with some documents. Stay with me tonight?"

As he spoke, he flipped through the documents with one hand and looked at the electronic documents on the screen from time to time.

"Aren't you afraid that I will expose the confidential information of the Gu Group if I see it?" Rose turned to him and said, but her lips accidentally wiped his face.

"Rosy, I'm not afraid of you divulging the confidential information. I'm afraid that you'll seduce me, like now."

At this moment, Rose really wanted to learn to be an ostrich. If she buried her head in the ostrich, she would know nothing.

Burke, who suddenly became flirtatious, showed great interest in Rose who often wanted to pretend to be an ostrich in front of him.

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