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   Chapter 146 Harsh Words

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Out of curiosity, Rose walked to the door and saw the last person she wanted to see at the door, Sue.

"Why can't I come here? I'm your mother! If my friend didn't tell me, I wouldn't even know you were injured! " Sue couldn't help but blame Burke.

Sue's friend, Emily, was the wife of the president of this hospital. When she came to the hospital by chance, she ran into Rose who came to the hospital to take care of Burke. So she knew that Burke was in this hospital. She met with Sue at the party today and mentioned this matter to her. Then Emily knew that Sue didn't know that Burke was in hospital at all.

As soon as Sue heard the news, she rushed to the hospital. Seeing that Burke was standing in front of her safe and sound, she finally felt relieved.

"You didn't tell my grandma, did you?" Burke walked back to the bed and lay down as he usually did.

"I haven't told her yet." As soon as Sue entered the ward and saw Rose, her face changed and rose her voice. "Rose, why are you here?"

"She came to take care of me. What's wrong?" Burke reached out his hand to Rose, hinting her to come to him.

Rose's face turned pale as she recalled the unpleasant memory of that day. Seeing that Burke reached out his hand to her, she also walked over and put her hand on his palm. When her soft hand was held by him, she suddenly felt a sense of security. All the discomfort was alleviated a lot.

"What's wrong?" Sue pointed at Rose angrily. Seeing that Burke frowned and looked at her, Sue thought for a while and put down her hand. She walked back and forth for a few steps before saying, "Okay, you didn't tell me that you were injured, but you told Rose?"

"Rosy is my wife. Is there anything wrong for me to tell her?" As if he didn't see the furious l

eing that Rose was about to leave, Xavier hurried to leave with her. If he knew that Sue, was also here, he would not come up.

After Rose and Xavier left the ward, Burke said to Sue, "Mom, I know you don't like Rose, but please understand that she is my wife. I don't allow anyone to hurt her."

Seeing that Burke spoke for Rose in this way, she couldn't help feeling depressed. "How about Amanda? How about Amanda? "

Hearing what she said, Burke sneered, "I remember that you didn't like Amanda and thought she didn't deserve the our family."

"But it's better than Rose! At least Amanda won't cheat on us like Rose. " "Rose has already done that with Austin. Why are you still protecting her?" said Sue.

"The photos are fake." "The photo was forged by Amanda. Xavier had already asked a professional to identify that the photos were falsified. But with her ability, I suspect that if there is anyone else who can help Amanda to falsify the photos. "

Burke' words were like a knife stabbing into Sue's heart.

"Well, are you suspecting that I did those photos for Amanda?" A wry smile appeared on her face. The delicate make-up still couldn't cover her pale face.

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