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   Chapter 145 His Exception

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"Then what should I do? I'll call the doctor. " Rose stood up in a hurry to call the doctor, but her hands was firmly held by Burke.

"You don't need to call the doctor," said Burke. He looked at Rose and said seriously, "You just kissed here and I will be recovered."

Rose was stunned. When she realized that he was joking, she wished she could never see him again.

"Don't scare me, okay?" Rose looked at the sky helplessly. During this period of time, he had changed totally. He used to be so cold, but now he had become like this.

Seeing Rose's helpless but smiling face, Burke pinched her face with satisfaction. "Because you are unhappy, I want to make you happy."

"Burke, I really don't know what to do with the matter of Tina. I regard her as my family member. I really don't want to see her get hurt again. She has finally recovered a little. If she meets Yang again, I'm afraid that things will become worse." Rose said, frowning again.

Burke pulled Rose into his arms again and lay down. He reached out his hand to smooth the spot between her eyebrows. "In order to untie the knot, we need the person who tied it. Maybe they can meet and tell us everything. It's good for each other."

"I hope so." Rose sighed.

"Do you need my help?" Asked Burke.

"No, thanks." Rose shook her head, "you are still in hospital and you haven't recovered yet. I can handle these things by myself."

"I'm in good health. I'm almost recovered." Because of long-term exercise, his recovery speed was very fast. He was fine now after more than ten days.

It was just a slight injury, but for the sake of safety, he continued to observe in the hospital.

Another reason was that he wanted to enjoy Rose's care. During his stay in hospital, she took good care of him, so he had to continue to "get sick" to get more care from her.


just lay on the bed leisurely, with his hands behind his head. Looking at Rose's flushed face and recalling the soft and smooth touch just now, he looked at Rose as if she was his prey.

There was no hurry. They had a long time in the future.

However, it seemed that the a grandson was on the agenda. After all, with a child, everything would be easy.

Rose took out her dressing mirror and smoothed her hair to make sure there was nothing wrong. Then, Burke slowly got out of the bed, walked to the door and was about to open it.

However, Rose was frightened by his amazing recovery ability. She remembered that this morning when he was going to wash up in the bathroom, she told him that he couldn't walk and that he had to be supported by her to the bathroom.

Seeing him like this, she realized that he had been lying to her.

Of course, Burke didn't ignore the surprised look in Rose's eyes. He shrugged and smiled at her. "I've told you that my recovery ability is very fast."

Rose rolled her eyes at him, but she couldn't feel annoyed.

With a smile on his lips, Burke opened the door of the ward. But when he saw the person at the door, his smile gradually disappeared.

"Why are you here?" Said Burke.

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