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   Chapter 143 A Strange Call

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"Xavier fell in love with a girl before and then broke up with her." It seemed that he recalled the past, and his relaxed expression gradually disappeared.

"Why did him break up?" Rose's curiosity was aroused.

She thought that if Xavier fell in love, he might be very sincere in love. It was lucky for a girl to meet a boyfriend like him. How could she be willing to break up with him.

"They are not appropriate, then break up." Obviously, he didn't want to recall the past.

"Okay." Rose replied in a low voice and didn't ask any more questions.

Since he didn't want to tell her, she considerately didn't ask.

She knew that Burke would tell her if he wanted.

If he didn't want to tell more, she wouldn't ask more.

He turned his head and looked out of the window. The ward was on the top floor of the hospital. Through the window, he could see the blue sky and white clouds.

"Rosy, Xavier was badly hurt before." His eyes were still staring out of the window, and his thoughts seemed to fly far away. His handsome side face was not as fierce as before, but only gentle now.

"Fortunately, he is strong and tough, finally he has endured it. Now he still looks happy." He turned his head and smiled at her.

Rose was stunned and smiled.

"It's just due to his heartbroken. Is he going to be single all his life like this?" Rose treated Xavier as her own brother. She knew that although some people looked careless on the surface, no one knew how badly they were hurt inside.

Just like Tina, a girl who used to be cheerful would only hide and lick her wounds when she was injured.

"He have to solve some problems by himself. It seems like that he was happy now. In fact, he knows everything as clear as a mirror in his heart. But Rosy, there are some people who know everything and talk about life experience a lot, but they can't get out of their own prison. " Then he thought of something and said with a smile, "Even for me, I have experienced so many things before I realized how bad I used to be."

Rose lowered her eyes and held Burke's broad hand. His slender hands had distinct knuckles, and his fingertips were slightly cold, but his palms were warm

am. I used to be her teacher Yang. I want to ask her about Tina. Is it convenient for her to answer the phone? "

Hearing the name of Yang, Rose frowned slightly. Her good mood was swept away. She picked up the phone and asked, "it's Rose. What's up?"

"Rose, I just want to ask you, how is Tina recently? She has changed her phone number, I can't contact her. I'm worried about her. I want to ask if she's feeling better. " Yang asked cautiously.

It took him a lot of courage to call her.

Since last time, he had divorced Rachel. Rachel had been detained for intentional injury, and the two hooligans had also been punished as they deserved. This matter was handled by Austin without delay.

Rachel not only lost her job, but also was sentenced. Yang was also dismissed by the school because of his work style. Now he didn't have a job, nor did he have any other economic sources. His previous work savings were all squandered by Rachel. Now he had no choice but to sell his apartment in the city and Rachel's house. Half of the money was paid off the medical fees of his mother medical expense. The rest was only enough to take her mother's ashes back and hold a funeral in his hometown which could let his mother leave in a splendid manner.

At this point, he finally realized that the once pitiful Rachel was a vicious woman and began to cherish the good of Tina. Now he could only call Rose] and ask her about the Tina's current situation.

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