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   Chapter 142 Display Affection

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Rose was a little embarrassed.

These days, she asked Sophie to make soup every day and then took it out of the heat preservation box.

Although Sophie was not a mean person, she still asked out of concern why Tina hadn't recovered yet, and she had to eat two jars of lunch every day.

In order not to make Burke's grandma worried, Burke had to hide the fact that Burke was injured. She could only say vaguely that Tina had eaten more or eat another one on the second day.

Today, she only asked Sophie for some porridge, but she didn't expect that she cooked the porridge with red dates and longan, and there were a few pieces of donkey hide glue on the top of the box.

Seeing that Rose was in a daze and didn't know what to say, Burke thought she was unhappy. He took the food box and said, "but it's delicious to have it occasionally."

Then he took a big spoon to eat the porridge, nodded and said, "it's delicious."

If the employees of the Gu group saw him like this, they would be so surprised that their jaws would fall.

How dare someone force Mr. Gu to eat something he didn't like and make him say it was delicious! It was simply impossible.

Rose couldn't help smiling when she saw the expression of concern.

She didn't expect that a cold man like Burke would do such a thing for her.

"Don't eat if you don't like it." Rose took out a tissue and helped him wipe the porridge on the corner of his mouth, but was grabbed by his big hand.

"Why are you so slim?" Burke gently pinched her hand and frowned, "Are you too tired recently?"

"Well, not bad." Rose shook her head.

In the past few days, she came to the hospital to take care of Burke every day. The Gu family had kept it a secret. Sometimes, Rose had to visit Burke's grandma as if nothing had happened. It could only be said that Burke was on a business trip or busy with his work. Rose was not good at telling lies, and Burke's grandma was smart, so it was hard for her to hide the truth.

As for Austin, she ha

"It's okay." Rose refused.

"There is no heating water in the hospital at this time. It's cold. Don't freeze your hands. Xavier's skin is rough. Let him do by himself. " Said Burke, glancing at Xavier.

"Well, Burke, you are bullying me." Xavier couldn't help but protest when he saw Rose and Burke. He was still a single man. Although he was really happy that Rose was willing to give him a chance to restart, he still felt a little uncomfortable when he saw they displaying their affection.

The relationship between the two people a few days ago was still like the ice and snow in the North Pole. Few days later, they had been intimate with each other, which made Xavier feel a little unacceptable.

He was alone and couldn't breathe under the pressure of work. Now seeing this scene, he could only silently saw they showed affection. He grabbed the fruit from Rose's hand and walked out of the ward, shaking his head while singing a song.

"Cabbages, yellow vegetables in the ground, mother died at 3 years old, followed Burke and was abused..."

Rose was amused by his weird tone and couldn't help laughing.

"It's strange. Why don't Xavier find a girlfriend since he is so interesting? He is probably very popular among girls. He comes from a good family, has a good character and a good temper. " Rose asked casually.

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