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   Chapter 141 Live In Peace

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6178

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Rose stared at the phone screen for a while, but she still didn't call back.

It was impossible for her to accept Austin's love. She was just grateful to him for saving her life in the past.

After hesitating for a while, she sent a message. "I'm at home. Everything is fine. Don't worry. I'll go to see Tina tomorrow. Thanks for taking good care of her. "

After sending the message, Rose suddenly relaxed. She lay down on the bed and covered her head with the quilt. She was finally relaxed.

There were too many things that had happened today, and she needed to slowly accept them.

After taking a break, Rose finally struggled to get up and take a shower. She kicked off her high heels, changed her into comfortable flat shoes, took off her coat with blood, and tied her hair into a bundle of hands, but couldn't find the hair rope.

She fumbled into the dressing box on the bedside table, opened it and pulled out the hair band. All of a sudden, a report slipped out and fell on the ground.

Lowering her head, Rose picked up the report and remembered that it was a fake infertility report that Tina had asked the doctor to help her forge.

At that time, she was desperate and just wanted to leave Burke as soon as possible.

But now, after tonight, she knew what he meant and wanted to give each other time and opportunity.

Maybe they all needed to put down something and try to start over.

Rose put the report back into the dressing box and fixed her eyes on the wedding photo at the head of the bed. With his hand on her waist, he looked handsome and tall in a black dress.

She had been dreaming this man for many years. Could they get together again after crossing all the obstacles?

"I trust you and give you time." Rose whispered to Burke on the wedding photo.

She would be brave for the last time.

She wou

call her "Rose" anymore, but "Rosy".

Rose blushed.

In the past few days, he seemed to have changed a lot. He treated her very well, which made her a little uncomfortable.

It seemed that she had been with him for a long time. Now she got along with him peacefully and warmly, as if it had been a long time ago.

She felt like she was in a dream.

Seeing Rose's red face, Burke smiled playfully. He pushed the small table on the bed aside, put his big hand around Rose's waist and took her to the bedside. He buried his head in her chest and took a few deep breaths, asking, "what kind of perfume did you use today? Why is it so fragrant?"

"No, maybe it's the smell of body wash." Rose's face turned redder.

Looking up at Rose's redder face, Burke couldn't help laughing happily.

Rose stared at him, put the food box on the table beside the bed and said, "I asked Sophie to make some porridge and dessert, and specially told her to have light taste. You should eat now."

As Rose spoke, she opened the box and found that there were donkey-hide gelatin, red dates and longan porridge in it.

"…… Wasn't this porridge for women? And I've already had lunch. " Glancing at the porridge, Burke lost his interest.

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