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   Chapter 140 It's Her

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"If there is nothing else, you should have gone back now. I remember that is the busiest time for you department. "

"I'm here to blame you that you tell Rose that if she still thinks it's not appropriate for each other, and she can leave after three months. What if she really didn't think it was appropriate? Do you really want her to leave? " Xavier looked at Burke with disappointment.

However, a faint smile appeared on his face. "Xavier, you are too unconfident in me. I believe that Rose won't leave me."

Xavier snorted, rubbed his nose and said, "Okay, Love isn't same with business. There is no bound thing."

Xavier wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Burke's glance.

"Tell me, what do you really want to tell me?" Burke rubbed between his eyebrows and felt a little sleepy. "I don't believe that you come up just to blame me for such a boring thing."

"There is really one thing," Xavier scratched his head, pulled a seat next to him and sat down. "The photos of Austin and Rose are fake."

Hearing this, Burke opened his eyes and looked at Xavier, hinting him to continue.

"I've tested the photos by someone of our government departments. They are well combined and can't be detected without a special machine. It's hard to tell whether they are true or not without testing by our government departments." Xavier said.

Hearing this, his face became gloomy. If the photo was fake, then he would not be lenient if he found out who behind it.

"I see. I will send someone to investigate this matter. When we find it out --" said Burke, but he was interrupted by Xavier.

"I have found the people behind it."


Xavier took out his phone from his pocket, opened his e-mail, downloaded the surveillance videos and handed them to Burke, "have a look. You must know this person. The photos are placed in the blind corner of the Gu Group, so no one knows who put them. But we have installed a surveillance c

Then he suddenly thought of something and sighed bitterly, "When Rose had a miscarriage, there was no witness or monitor at that time. It has been a long time ago, and I'm afraid it's difficult to find any clue!"

"I have my own way." Burke said calmly.

The girl in his memory was beyond recognition. Time was the biggest killer after all.

He really felt sad about Amada.

But he couldn't keep who did such bad thing to her wife.

"By the way, don't tell Rose about the photo synthesis." Said Burke.

"Why?" Xavier was confused.

"I want to tell Rose after I finish my work." Said Burke.

He wanted to give Rose justice after dealing with Amanda.

If Amanda really hurt their child, he would not show mercy.

"Okay." Xavier replied.

It was one o'clock in the morning when Rose returned to the villa.

She turned on the wall lamp, and the dim room was instantly lit up.

Sophie had already fallen asleep. Thinking of the bloodstains on her coat, she decided not to wake her up, in case that Sophie would see her and ask more questions.

She had to keep [老太太] in the dark.

The less people knew what happened tonight, it will be better.

She took out her phone from her pocket. There were several messages and missed calls in her muted phone.

They were all from Austin.

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