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   Chapter 137 Enough Trust

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 5973

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"He was injured in order to save me from fighting with three gangsters." Rose cried and explained, "Sent him to hospital as soon as possible!"

"Okay, get in my car. Hurry up!" Xavier helped up Burke and took him to his car. After he took Rose to his car too, he drove away.

"Rose, help me check the nearest hospital." Xavier turned to Rose and said.

"Okay." Rose took out her phone from her bag stained with blood, but her hand couldn't help trembling and she couldn't type.

"Don't go to the hospital." Burke, who was lying in the back seat, refused to go to hospital.

"Burke! You have to go to the hospital to dress the wound now, or you will be infected! " Xavier, sitting on the driver's seat, strongly opposed when he heard what Burke said.

"Burke, you are still bleeding! I'm afraid you'll be in danger. Let's go to the hospital. " Rose said.

"If my grandmother knows about it in the hospital, she will be worried again. Just call my private doctor. It's just a small wound." Burke said reluctantly, propping himself up.

Hearing what he said, Rose felt more painful in her heart.

He had always been such a person that he would only bear all the pain on his own and only wanted to not bother others. Rose felt sorry for him.

Rose held Burke and her tears dropped on his arm.

"Rose, why are you crying?" "I'm fine. I'm really fine. Don't cry. "

Seeing Rose crying for him, he felt sorry for her, but he feel really happy that she will worry about him.

Rose felt sorry for him. She did care about him.

"Nothing serious." Rose sobbed and shook her head.

She suddenly felt that Burke was so stupid that he had the chance to escape but he stayed for her safety. He was so stupid that he had to bear all the pain himself and was unwilling to tell hi

ook at her anymore. Rose has gone back early."

Ignoring Xavier's ridicule, Burke closed his eyes for a while and suddenly said to Xavier, "thank you, Xavier."

Xavier was stunned and thought he had misheard.

Even an iceberg like Burke would say thanks to him.

"Well, Burke, don't say that." Xavier scratched his head with a smile.

Xavier suddenly thought of the photos and stopped smiling. He was going to tell the result to Burke.

"By the way, Burke, I'll look into the photos --"

But Burke just waved his hand and interrupted him. He didn't want to listen to him anymore. He said calmly, "I don't want to investigate the photos anymore, Xavier. I trust Rose. "

After what had happened tonight, Burke decided not to doubt Rose anymore.

He didn't want to find out whether the photos were true or not.

"Really?" Xavier was a little surprised.

"I often wonder why I would make Rose so unhappy in marriage. Tonight I suddenly understand that it's because I didn't give her enough trust. It's my fault."

"But didn't you suspect her before?" Xavier recalled how Burke had questioned Rose about the photos, and felt that he was not the same person as he was now.

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