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   Chapter 136 Burke Was Beaten

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"As long as you leave the girl in your car, money and this car to us, we can let you go. What do you think?"

"What if I don't do as you told?" Burke slowly glanced at the bald man.

"You don't want to deal with me? Then don't blame us for killing without blinking our eyes! Our iron bar can kill you! " The bald man threatened.

A cruel smile appeared on Burke's face. He looked at the bald man and nodded, "deal."

The bald middle-aged man thought he had met a soft potato. He knew that all the rich people in the city liked to play with women and cars, but women and cars were not as important as their lives.

"Burke!" Seeing that Burke was really going to get out of the car, Rose called him uneasily.

With a reassuring look, Burke said in a low voice, "the door will be locked automatically after I get off. Remember not to get out."

Without waiting for her response, he got out of the car and quickly closed the door.

He looked around and turned his body quietly. The three gangsters were armed. In order to win, he had to beat them one by one.

"Hey, you smart man, leave the money to us. Fuck off!" Yellow-hair guy urged, holding an iron stick urged Burke.

However, Burke unhurriedly took off the watch on his wrist and said, "this watch is worth about three hundred thousand, and this," he took out the wallet from the pocket of his shirt, "the wallet you want."

After saying that, he threw the watch and wallet far away in two different directions before the three gangsters grabbing them.

The middle-aged bald man saw this and cursed fiercely, "Damn it! Play with me! Bill, Tom, you two go and pick up the things. I'll stay here and watch him."

Hearing this, the two hooligans immediately ran in different directions to look for watches and wallet. Seeing that they ran far away, Burke rushed up while the bald man was not prepar

uggled to get up, but he couldn't.

"Get in the car!" Burke took the absent-minded Rose to the car, locked the door and started the car.

"You're bleeding! Burke" Rose exclaimed when she saw the blood on his shirt.

"Nothing serious." Holding back the sharp pain in his back, Burke tried to start the car and leave with a comforting smile on his face. However, he found that the windshield of the car had been smashed and the road ahead could not be seen clearly.

"Burke, Rose!" At this time, Xavier rushed over with a group of people and quickly controlled the three hooligans on the ground.

Leaning against the back of the chair, he took a few deep breaths. His lips were pale because of excessive blood loss.

"Burke, are you okay? Don't scare me." Looking at him, Rose felt so sorry for him that she burst into tears.

Although she was desperate for him, her heart still ached when she saw him hurt like this.

He could have left just now, but he stayed to protect her.

"Rose, don't cry." Holding Rose's face, Burke wiped her tears gently with his thumb.

"Burke," Xavier ordered his men to tie the three gangsters into the car and check on his injury. He asked worriedly, "how's it going? Why did you bleed so much? "

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