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   Chapter 132 Chaos

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When Burke heard the four words "adulterer", he couldn't help feeling disgusted. He didn't care to say that Austin was an adulterer, but he would never allow anyone to insult Rose like this.

"It's none of your business. Go back home now. And, please pay attention to your words in the future. You are not allowed to trample on the reputation of Mrs. Gu like this. " Burke stared coldly at Amanda's astonished face and warned her.

"Burke, you..." Seeing that Burke defended Rose in this way, Amanda was anxious. In addition, being warned by him harshly, her previous affection for her had obviously disappeared.

She looked at his cold face in disbelief. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn't say anything.

Rose gradually calmed down. She put down her hands that were covering her face, looked at Amanda expressionlessly and said coldly, "Amanda, I didn't stop you when you wanted to be with Burke. You've used dirty tricks to make things difficult for me again and again. You've tripped me up and made me lose the baby. If you're still so stubborn, you'll pay double for what I've lost because of you in the future. Please take care of yourself! "

"What... What are you talking about?" Amanda looked at Rose in horror. Her body trembled slightly due to cold or fear. She was afraid that the man next to her would believe what Rose said and dislike her more. She also worried that if Rose had something on her, she would really hurt her interests in the future.

"You killed your own child and now you are framing me! Do you dare to admit to have affair with Austin? " Amanda shouted hysterically at her.

Seeing that she was so angry, Rose ignored her and walked straight to Austin. She held Austin's arm and asked with concern, "Aus

eberg now, not like the young man who used to be in a spring breeze.

Rose suddenly realized that Burke might be as unhappy as her in this marriage.

They quarreled with each other and stimulated each other with words.

Like two hedgehogs, they hurt each other and couldn't get close to each other in the end.

But they had never talked calmly or aggressively.

Thinking of this, Rose stopped struggling and let Burke pull her.

Her sudden calmness surprised Burke. He turned his head and looked at her with his bright eyes.

She was wearing a floral dress and a dark green wool coat today. Because of the fierce struggle just now, her hair fell down. Her face was a little red because of the quarrel and anger just now, and her eyes were like a clear lake because of crying. At this moment, she silently followed her, which made him touched, and the anger in his heart instantly extinguished a little.

Rose lowered her eyes and naturally did not notice the emotional change of Burke. She just felt that it was time for her to have a good talk with him calmly.

No matter what the result was, they should have a talk.

She was tired of competing with him hysterically.

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