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   Chapter 131 Adulterer And Adulteress

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What Burke said made Rose freeze in place. The cold night wind was whistling, and the trees on the roadside rustles in the wind. The three people were in a stalemate under the dim street lights.

"Burke, let's pass each other." The cold wind calmed Rose down quickly. She opened her mouth with difficulty, facing the burning eyes of Burke.

Hearing this, Burke sneered with self-mockery. He humbly begged her to stay by his side, but in return, she said, "let's pass each other.".

If he could let her go easily, he wouldn't have been trapped in the whirlpool of this marriage and ended up like this. He was so arrogant that many women were eager to get his love.

Rose, his wife and the only woman he wanted, was now standing in front of another man and begging him to "let her go", trampling on his full request and dignity that he had always valued mercilessly.

Why couldn't he compete with Austin?

"No way!" Taking a look at Austin, whose face was covered with bruises and clothes were in a mess because of the fight, Austin said fiercely, "for such a loser? Rosen, you can't escape from me for the rest of your life. "

"No, I..." When Rose was about to explained herself, Austin, who was standing behind her, couldn't hold back his anger anymore when he heard that Burke called him loser in front of his beloved woman.

He bypassed Rose and stood in front of her. Looking straight into Burke's cold eyes, he said angrily, "Burke, don't push me too far! Yes, my group is not as strong as yours, but if Rosy stand by my side, I can guarantee to give her a happy future. But for you, you know how she has been doing in your family these years, don't you? If she can live happily with you, I won't interfere. But obviously, she doesn't want to be with you. Why are you so compelled to her? "

Austin's words hit the nail on the head of Burke, which made his face even paler.

What Austin said was

the floor suddenly slowed down until it disappeared.

After having a quarrel with Rose in the supermarket in the afternoon, Amanda followed Rose all the way until she found that she and Austin appeared in the neighborhood near the supermarket one after another.

She thought it was a good chance to confirm that Austin and Rose had an affair, so she quickly called Burke to inform him. After returning home, she thought about it for a while. She was really curious about the situation here, so she sneaked out again. Coincidentally, she saw that Rose beat Burke. She was worried and couldn't help shouting out his name.

Amanda ran to Burke and Rose, separated them, pointed at Rose's nose and shouted, "are you crazy? Can you hit Burke as you like? You cheated on him outside, even hit him! "

Rose covered her face with her hands and lowered her head, trying to calm herself down, ignoring Amanda who was hysterical aside.

"What are you doing here?" Burke grabbed Amanda's arm and asked bluntly.

"I was worried that you would be bullied by this pair of and adulterer and adulteress, so I came here specially to have a look." With her innocent eyes wide open, Amanda said to Burke in a flirtatious tone, completely losing her momentum of accusing Rose just now.

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