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   Chapter 130 Who Will Let Him Go

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 5435

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"I actually When I finished hugging you, I turned around and couldn't help but burst into tears. I... "

"Senior Austin -" interrupted by Rose. She suddenly felt at a loss. After all, although she had known Austin's love, he had never directly show to her. Now his words made her a little flustered.

"Rose, let me finish, okay? In fact, I wanted to say these words a long time ago, but I didn't have the chance. I want to take this opportunity to say it. No matter what the result is, I don't want to be a coward anymore. " Austin looked at Rose firmly.

Rose kept silent and stood still.

"Rose, in fact, I like you very much. I have liked you since the first time I saw you."

Austin was lost in his memory. The first time he saw Rose in the University, he fell in love with her at the first sight. Unfortunately, it was his own wishful thinking.

He had planned to confess his love to Rose as soon as he graduated from the University, but at that time, his family was defeated and the Wyon Group was in an extremely embarrassing position. At that time, the Lin family was rank only second to the Gu Family in business.

At that time, Austin planned to tell Rose his love after he came back to develop his family business after studying abroad.

However, he didn't expect that he would receive the news that Rose married Burke when he was abroad.

If Rose lived a happy life after marriage, Austin would not interfere. But he knew that she was not happy. Since Burke couldn't make him happy, he had to stand out to make Rose happy.

"Rose, your marriage with Burke is not happy. He can't give you the love y

are of Tina. "

Standing there, Rose's face turned pale because of the distrust of Burke. Looking at him, she felt that he was very strange. He was no longer the young man she used to be.

"Did Amanda tell you that I am here?" Rose smiled bitterly.

"Does it matter who told me?" Burke looked at Rose.

"Burke, the photo was forged by Amanda. Austin and I are innocent. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. And, "Rose closed her eyes and continued," our child was killed by Amanda. Burke, since you love Amanda, let me go, okay? "

Hearing Rose's words, Burke was stunned and took a few steps back. At last, he took a look at Rose and Austin, turned around, kept silent for a while and said, "let you go? Then, who will let me go? "

She said that he loved Amanda, but he knew clearly that he didn't love Amanda at all. He just wanted to repay Amanda for saving his life.

He had no idea about his feelings towards Rose.

He was so menial in front of her.

He didn't even mind that she had an affair with Austin. He just wanted her to come back to him.

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