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   Chapter 128 Treat Austin As A Monster

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Amanda was satisfied to see that Rose was provoked by her. She continued, "what's wrong? Remember that thing? But it's been so long. At that time, Burke chose to believe me. Now even if you tell him that your child was killed by me, he won't believe you. After all, you are a bitch who should not have appeared between me and Burke! "

"Amanda," Rose tried her best to control herself and warned her, "I don't want to be entangled with you in public today. If you are sensible, get out of here."

"What? I beg your pardon? Dare you say it again? " Amanda wasn't afraid of Rose at all. She only want to vent her anger. She looked at Rose and said slowly, "in the eyes of Burke, you are just a wanton woman! The sexual photos of you and Austin are so beautiful. Do you know that I asked someone to synthesize them and send them to the company of Burke? "

Amanda looked at Rose complacently and continued, "even the professionals can't detect this falsified photo. I pay a high price. Oh, by the way, the money is my living expenses given by Burke. "

Bang! Amanda covered her face and looked at Rose in disbelief.

"This slap is for my unborn child." Rose looked at Amanda and said expressionlessly. Then she raised her hand and gave a second slap on Amanda's face.

"The second slap is for myself. Amanda, these two slaps are not over. We will settle accounts with each other in the future. "

After saying that, Amanda bypassed Amanda and left.

At this time, many people had gathered around to look at this place intentionally or unintentionally. Amanda covered her face and angrily looked at the back of Rose. She stamped her feet and shouted, "Rose, let's wait and see!"

At this moment, Rose had no time to care about Amanda's hysterical scream behind her. She just wanted to escape from here, from these disgusting and painful things.

She walked faster and faster, clenching her fists. The palm of the hand that had just hit Amanda was still aching.

But the pain was nothing compared to the pain in her heart.

Everything was calm and light, like a fragile shell.

As long as she still loved him, her heart couldn't stop aching.

'Baby, it's all my fault. I can't protect you well and let you see the world.' Rose walked out of the supermarket and looked at the fiery red clouds in the sky. She bit her lower lip and held back the tears in her eyes.

sudden heart disease. She is old, and her body can't withstand it in the end."

"Tina has always been filial to Fiona. Now that Auntie has left, she will be sad again." Rose sighed heavily and didn't know whether she should tell this to Tina or not.

"No matter how sad she is, she has to deal with this things as soon as possible. Escape and concealment are not the solution in the end." Said Austin, shaking his head. After all, he had a good relationship with him. Now that such a thing happened to her, he was also sad for her.

"Sometimes, I have been wondering why god let Tina go through these things, but she shouldn't go through these things." Rose closed her eyes and sighed helplessly. In fact, she could see that Tina still had some feelings for Yang, but she also knew that Tina would never accept him.

Seeing that Rose was so sad, Austin naturally felt sorry for her. He stepped forward, held Rose in his arms and patted her on the shoulder. "Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine."

Rose's body suddenly stiffened because of Austin's touch. She struggled out of Austin's arms uneasily. Even if she had made up her mind to divorce Burke, she would not have any more contact with Austin either.

Austin, of course, noticed Rose's uneasiness. He lowered his hand and his eyes darkened. It seemed that she had known what he meant, so she avoided him everywhere.

And he didn't want to see Rose like this.

He wanted she treated him as a kind brother as before rather than keep a distance from him all the time like now and treated him as a monster.

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