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   Chapter 124 Please Forgive Him

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6633

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If someone hired killers to kill the child in Tina's belly, then the only one who had a motive was only Rachel.

But since Tina had divorced Yang, why did they still do such things.

"Although we have called the police, it is difficult to find the murderer because of the lack of evidence. Rose, do you think my child will be killed by like this? He even hasn't saw this world yet... " When Tina mentioned the child, she couldn't help but feel sad.

"Tina!" A man's anxious voice sounded. Rose and Tina went back and forth in a daze.

Yang, who hadn't seen him for days, wore a wrinkled down jacket and looked much thinner. His eyes were bloodshot because of staying up late for several days, and under his eyes were a deep dark circle. At this time, he looked at Tina with a haggard face and called, "Tina..."

"Yang, what are you doing here?" Rose stood in front of Tina and looked at him warily.

The man who used to be outstanding on the platform made Rose feel sick for no reason. She respected him, but he hurt her best friend deeply.

She had never thought that he would be such a person.

"Rose, I'm just looking for Tina. Let me have a few words with her. I haven't slept for the past few days and always want to see her. " Yang begged Rose.

In the past few days, he had been taking care of his mother, Fiona, alone in the hospital. He was so busy and exhausted that he almost didn't close his eyes. When his mother woke up, she didn't want to see him and always called him a scum in the family. He was an unfaithful man, drove away her good daughter-in-law and brought home a tramp like Rachel.

Yang didn't dare to contradict these accusations. After all, since he had sex with Rachel for the first time, he felt more and more guilty to Tina, especially when he knew that Tina was pregnant.

Now, Rachel's indifference to his mother and family made him even more regretful for his previous choice. It was because he was possessed that he had sex with Rache

mailed her.

Rachel checked the balance of her bank card with her mobile phone and stamped her feet irritably.

She had no other choice. Mandy was no longer willing to borrow her money, and Yang's salary was almost used to pay the medical fees for his mother who came from the countryside. Thinking of this, Rachel couldn't help but feel a little angry. Yang hadn't been home for several days. He took care of the rural woman in the hospital every day and didn't even go shopping with her.

Her lived a miserable life alone during sweet honeymoon.

"Lady, do you want this overcoat?" The saleswoman asked politely.

Rachel came to her senses, pretended to look at the coat with disgust, and said, "I don't like this style."

After saying that, Rachel walked out of the shop without looking back. When she walked out, she found that her bag was left in the shop, so she went back to get it.

"Humph, it seems that you don't have money to buy it. You even pretended to say that you don't like the style of this overcoat. Why does anyone wants to pretend to be Young Mistress now?"

"Well, don't you see how she looked when she saw the price on the tag just now? Her face was green."

As soon as Rachel entered the shop, she heard such ridicule. She clenched her fists and said, "what are you talking about?"

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