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   Chapter 123 Buy Fierce Kill

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"Tina, I'm used to it." Rose shrugged her shoulders with an indifferent smile on her face, but Tina knew how bitter she was at this moment.

"Rose, I just care about you. I don't want you to be wronged. "Tina held Rose's cold hand and whispered," why your hand is so cold? "

"It's okay," Rose pulled out her hand and explained, "I was ill a few days ago. I'm not well enough. I'm okay. You should take care of yourself. "

Rose looked at Tina with concern.

Although Tina was happy in front of her, she knew that the wounds on her body healed quickly, but the wounds in her mind were not so easy to heal.

Tina forced a smile just because she didn't want Rose to worry about her.

"Rose, although you haven't come to see me these days, you still send someone to take care of me. I'm going to be a fat pig, so I don't need to take care of myself." Tina joked with a smile, which made Rose laugh too.

"Really? I think you look a little ruddy these days You seem to have gained some weight. " Rosen looked at Tina up and down and said.

"Well, have me really gained some weight?" Tina immediately lowered her head to check herself nervously.

"Well, I'm just kidding." Rose pointed at Tina's forehead and teased, "You still have a good figure." But you still need to take care of yourself. In the future, you should find a perfect man and start a new life! "

"Well, you just make fun of me!" Tina put down the spoon, pretending to pounce on Rose.

The two women fought and laughed in the ward.

"Knock, knock, knock!" someone knocked at the door.

"Come in, please." Tina shouted with a smile.

Outside the door, Austin opened the door. Seeing that Rose and Tina were fighting and laughing, he couldn't help laughing. "Why are you two still as crazy as when you were at college?"

Rose felt uncomfortable under Austin's gaze, so she stopped playing with Tina, smoothed her hair and stopped talking.

"Wow, Austin. You're so fast. I thought the pan-fried bun near the hospital would take at least one or two hours. Why did you buy it so soon?

my parents strongly opposed it. I went to visit his parents in his hometown with Yang without telling my parents. His parents were all poor and uneducated, but they treated people sincerely and warmly. His parents were very simple. I was moved by the simplicity of Yang and his family. "

"Tina ." Rose looked worriedly at Tina who was immersed in her memory.

"In fact, I knew my mother-in-law ," Tina suddenly paused and continued, "in fact, when I knew that Yang's mother was sick that day, I was really worried. For so many years, I have really treated her as my own mother. "

"Tina, do you want to see Yang's mother? I heard that she hasn't been discharged from the hospital. " Rose asked. She knew that it was impossible for Tina to completely break up with Yang i's family based on her kind and affectionate character.

Hearing what Rose said, Tina hesitated for a moment and shook her head. "Forget it. I don't want to see Yang. Besides, I need an explanation for the death of my child. I have always suspected that the two men who tried to murder me last time were specially sent here. They didn't want my money, but wanted the life of my child. I feel terrible when I think about it now. "

"You suspect that someone has specially bought fierce kill?" Rose bogged down in the middle of her talk and exchanged a look with Tina, with more thoughts in her eyes.

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