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   Chapter 88 Where is Burke

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Seeing that Rose left in a hurry, the diners in the restaurant knew that the drama would come to an end, so they all took their chopsticks and continued their unfinished conversation.

It was not until now that Jesse noticed the bruises on Austin's face and the bruises on the corners of his mouth. She was very distressed to see her finance's injury like this after being separated from him for only a few hours.

"Austin, what's wrong with your face? What happened? Who hit you? " She asked as she reached out her hand to touch his wound.

"Nothing, I bumped it by accident." He was a bit annoyed that his plan to have a meal with Rose was ruined. He dodged her hands unconsciously and found an excuse.

Jesse wasn't blind and brainless. Judging from the bruises on his face, she could tell that it was not hit. She knew that Austin was just being perfunctory, but she was also clear that she had caused too much trouble today. Seeing the gloomy expression on Austin's face, she changed the subject. "If you are not full, I know a restaurant is very good at cooking. Let's go there together, okay?"

In no mood to eat more, Austin drew back his arm from Jesse's arm and said flatly, "let me drive you home. I'm a little tired today." Then he strode out of the restaurant.

Jesse was surprised and followed him out.

Along the way, neither of them spoke. But the wounds on Austin's face upset her a lot. She had a feeling in her heart that the relationship between him and Rose was not simple. Moreover, the wounds on his face were probably related to Rose.

Sophie told Burke's grandma everything about the messages sent by Rose, which made her feel relieved. But she was worried about Burke since he had been out for such a long time.

However, it was not the case for Sue. After she received the message from Rose, she called Burke, but he didn't answer. She was still waiting in the living room, so she fidgeted in her seat and peeped at the gate from ti

r mouth. When Rose got married, Xavier was the bridesmaid of Burke, and Tina had been taking care of Rose. As soon as the troop to the hotel gate, Xavier was stopped by Tina with several bridesmaids. She asked Burke and other bridesmaids to take the wedding shoes of the bride hanging in front of the balcony on the second floor of the hotel then would let the bridegroom in.

At that time, all the Groomsmen, including Burke, frowned. Such a tricky trick would only come out of the tip of her tongue.

Just as she was preparing to ask for a good prize from Burke and rip him off, Xavier stood out of the groomsman's group with a righteous look on his face and said resolutely, "let me have a try."

As he spoke, he loosened his tie and loosened his muscles and bones. After exhaling a breath in his hands, he rubbed his hands together and took a few steps back silently. After a run, Xavier climbed up to the drain pipe of the outside wall of the hotel, and with his feet and hands, he quickly climbed to the second floor. He stretched out and broke the rope wearing a red wedding shoes, and then slid down with the wedding shoes.

Seeing this, everyone clapped their hands and applauded, but only Tina stood still, dumbfounded. She thought this quiet young man had such a small ability, and was so agile.

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