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   Chapter 33 No More Attachment

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"I'm sorry, Miss Zhao. Mr. Gu wasn't in the company today."

In the reception room for the president of the Gu Group. Amanda was informed by Burke's secretary, Mike Lin, that Burke didn't come to work today.

Amanda had been out of touch with Burke for the whole day, so she was very angry and restrained herself from the anger. She knew that Mike Lin had been working for him for many years. He was an effective assistant to him. Offending him didn't do her any good. So she held back her anger, put on a smile and said, "Mike Lin, you must know where he is, right? Can you tell me? "

Mike Lin put on his professional smile and shook his head. He knew Burke's temper. He never liked others to know his schedule, so did Amanda.

"I'm sorry, Miss Zhao."

Since he had been with him for so many years, he can't be an easy one.

Knowing that she couldn't get any information from Mike Lin, Amanda decided not to humiliate herself anymore. She grabbed her bag on the sofa and left in a huff.

After the kidnapping last time, Burke was more and more alienated from her. He didn't answer her phone call from yesterday till now.

Amanda began to worry.

Did Burke find out something?

"It's all because of that Rocky. He cannot handle one simple thing..." She murmured.

That day, she had asked Rocky to hide in the corner of the warehouse. She wanted to take use of Burke's hand to get Rose in, and let Rocky kill her. Unexpectedly, Xavier showed up too.

Rose had been quite luck to escape from that.

After Rocky escaped, Amanda gave him a large sum of money to let him temporarily stay out of trouble, which also avoided the investigation of Burke and other people.

After that time, Amanda also cut her contact with Rocky temporarily, avoiding getting involved in a fire and investigating him.

She didn't know where Rocky was now.

Thinking of this, Amanda frowned and her face became very serious.


In the CEO Office of the Yuan Group, Austin stood in front of a huge French window and looked down at the heavy traffic on the road. His face couldn't be seen clearly.

"Is everything done?"

"Mr. Yuan, don't worry. It's absolutely okay."

A fat midd

Fine. I'll put aside the Hetian Real Estate Project before I find out the one who was behind this."

"Mr. Gu, here's your phone."

As she was thinking, she had already taken back her mobile phone and handed it to Burke.

"Thank you."

As he saw, there were dozens of missed call reminders on the screen.

Then he rubbed his eyebrows with one hand, and pointed them out one by one.

Besides the phone calls from Mike Lin and other project managers, there were dozens of calls from Amanda.

Burke frowned and called back.

After a few "beeps", the phone was quickly picked up.

"Hey! "Burke! ! !" Amanda's exciting voice came from the other end of the line.

"Hi, Amy, it's me. What's up?" Burke replied indifferently.

"Can't I call you if there's nothing important? You didn't answer my phone call the whole day. Do you know how worried I am? " Amanda was a little disappointed when she heard the cold words from Burke. But she refrained those feelings and tried to be coquetry.

"There are many tough matters in work recently."

Amanda knew from Burke's words that if she had nothing important to say, she should stop annoying him. She had heard about the Hetian Real Estate Project before. In order not to leave a bad impression on Burke, she had to let it go.

"Well, I won't disturb your work any more. Take care of yourself and don't get too tired."

"I know..."

After saying that, Burke hung up the phone without hesitation.

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