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   Chapter 29 Home

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"Mr. Gu, where would you want to go?" Chen turned to Burke and asked as soon as he closed the door in the driver's seat. "Would you like to go back to your villa or to the hotel?"

Since Burke had been so busy recently and often left the company after midnight, he decided to book a presidential suite in the hotel near the Gu Group building. He could stay there as long as he wanted, so it was more convenient.

He didn't seem to hear Chen's question. He just leaned against the seat and looked outside blankly. From the bright lights in the basement parking, Chen could see how lonely and depressed he looked.

"Where do you go when you are in a bad mood?"

Chen was taken aback by Burke's abrupt question. It took a while for him to realize that Burke was asking him. He scratched his head and answered, "When I'm in a bad mood, I go back home. Seeing my wife and eating the food she cooks for me make me happy."

As Chen spoke, his swarthy face flushed with shyness.

This was the first time that Burke had asked him something not related to his work, so he was at a loss.

"Go back home..." Burke muttered in a low voice. Then the corners of his mouth curved into a sneer. Where was his home?

His villa? Yes, it seemed like his home.

But in the past two months, it had become empty and dark without the presence of Rose. He felt so alone there.

'Rose...' he called out her name in his mind. All of a sudden, he found the answer.

"Take me to the manor," he ordered to Chen flatly.

Rose had just finished taking a quick shower, and she was ready for bed. However, her mind was so preoccupied that she didn't feel sleepy at all. There were so many things bothering her: Ray's case, the death of her mother, Burke's indifference towards her, Amanda's hostility, Sue's ridiculousness, and her miscarriage. They were all torturing her brain and made sleep become more elusive.

Rose closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. She had to force herself not to think about them.

Her eyes had been shut for a long time, but her spirit was still awake, so she clearly heard the sound of the light footsteps in the hallway outside. Then the door of her room was opened gently. She felt that the footsteps were coming closer and closer to her bed. Obviously, the person who entered her room didn't want to wake her up because she could sense that he was deliberately walking lightly.

Although the manor was located in the countryside, and the villagers were harmless people, Burke had sent several security guards there to ensure Rose's and his grandmother's safety. The security guards were on duty for twenty-four hours, patrolling around the manor. Aside from the security guards, he also installed the most reliable security system in the backyard. They had nothing to worry about their safety at all. Outsiders couldn't possibly break into the manor.

Sophie was also staying downstairs. She only went to Rose's room when Rose called her. It was already late at night, so she was probably sleeping now. The only person Rose could think of that could enter her room without any obstacles was Burke.

'What is Burke doing here at this time of the night?' she thought to herself. Upon thinking of the possibility that Burke was inside her room, her grip on the quilt tightened, and she started sweating. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Through the faint light from the bedside lamp, Burke could see that Rose was already sleeping soundly. He took off his jacket, loosened his tie, and folded the sleeves of his shirt. Afraid that he would wake her up, he carefully lay down beside her and held her gently in his arms. She was like a fragile treasure that he was so careful not to break.

A masculine scent that smelled so familiar entered Rose's nostrils. She could never forget this dreamy scent that only Burke had.

Breathing in Rose's faint fragrance and feeling her body temperature comforted Burke unprecedentedly.

He didn't know why, but as soon as he saw Rose's face, his heart calmed down. He felt like all of his troubles had vanished at once.

Every time he was

with her, he could forget everything that was bothering him at work.

But she was also the foolish woman who had challenged his bottom line again and again. She was the one who brought him the biggest trouble in life.

He felt like he didn't know himself anymore.

Burke held Rose in his arms like a boy holding his favorite toy. As his exhaustion accumulated after working overtime for many days, he finally laid down all his defenses and soon fell into a deep slumber.

On the contrary, Rose was widely awake. Burke's sudden arrival surprised her, and she felt uneasy being in his arms.

Although she had slept with Burke in the same bed many times, they had never slept this way. Every time they lay in bed, they started to fight and ended up sleeping on both edges of the bed, turning each back from each other. This was the first time that they slept together quietly and peacefully.

This was also the first time that Rose felt Burke's fragility again after being apart for so many years.

She slightly turned her head and looked at his sleeping face. The face of the gloomy young man under the sycamore tree flashed back in her mind.

The young man who had always been alone and needed company.

Shocked that those memories suddenly flashed across her mind, Rose shook her head with self-mockery.

She shouldn't let herself enjoy the feeling of being in his arms. Otherwise, she would be totally brokenhearted once they got divorced.

Rose tried to break free from his embrace. But the more she struggled, the tighter his arms wrapped around her waist.

"Burke, let me go." She tried to pull his arms. Her heart loved the feeling of being in his arms, but her clear mind reminded her that it wasn't right anymore. She shouldn't indulge herself in his tenderness.

It was a trap that would only push her deeper into him.

"Rosy, please don't leave me. Please stay with me," Burke begged as he tightened his arms around her. He was still asleep, so he must be dreaming.

Upon hearing how he gently called her name, she burst into tears.

'Burke, I'm glad that you're calling my name in your dream instead of Amanda.

But we can't bring back the time anymore. We have to end,' she thought inwardly.

Tears streamed down her face and wetted her pillow.

It was another sleepless night for her.

The next morning, the sun slightly shone and brightened up the sky. Rose squinted at the clock on the wall. It was already six o'clock.

Usually, at this time, she had already gotten up to accompany Burke's grandmother for a walk.

But today, she found it difficult to get up from the bed.

She glanced at the hands, still firmly wrapped around her waist, and sighed.

Burke was sleeping soundly.

Rose slightly turned and studied his face carefully.

He was still handsome even in his sleep. The indifferent and cold look that he usually wore every day at work wasn't there.

He was like a child nestled in her arms, feeling secured and protected.

Rose remembered that he kept mumbling her name in his dream last night.

She couldn't help wondering what his dream was about.

Rose reached out to touch his face, but her hand froze in midair.

She should stop acting ridiculous.

"Burke," she called, trying to break free from his embrace.

"Hmm..." Burke groaned. He was already awake, but he felt like he was still in his dream because he could see Rose beside him.

"Rosy..." He smiled. It felt so good to have her by his side.

"Let go of me now," Rose said.

"No. Please don't go yet," Burke pleaded like a child, holding her tighter.

Rose didn't know whether to laugh or to cry with his behavior. Since they lived together, she had never seen him like this.

Burke was known as the fierce and cold CEO of the Gu Group. If others knew that he also had a childish side, they would definitely laugh at him.

"Let me go, okay?" she patiently coaxed him, thinking that he wasn't awake yet.

Because if he was sober, they would have been at loggerheads again.

"Why? Where are you going?" Burke asked in a low voice as he buried his head in her neck.

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